F*CK Alex Jones / InfoWars

By Christopher R Rice

I ain't straight outta Compton and I ain't straight outta the trailer either. This is straight from the Underground. Where we give it to you straight all the time. The Underground does not have to make up stories, our politicians already have enough dirt on their hands. I just report the facts.

When that asswipe reported that Darren Wilson (the police officer who killed Michael Brown) had a broken eye socket and every damn news outlet ran with the story, only Underground Newz bothered to call the hospital and report that dirty cop didn't even have a scratch on him. Nor was he rushed to the hospital as the photos of Michael's dead cold body rotting in the street clearly show.

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Everything I say, I can back up. The reason is simple, I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, so I don't have a dog in this race. I know they are both crooks and criminals, I have to report on it every damn day. And the bodies keep piling up.

So telling the truth is easy for me. On top of that, I understand that trust can never be given, it must be earned. Also, while trust takes time to build, it only takes one lie to destroy a persons trust in you, forever.

Unfortunately my fellow Americans and my colleagues in the press, don't see it the same way. And since everyone lies, no one trust anyone either. SMH

I've been on this blog for a little over a year, everything I've published is right here. I have nothing to hide, NOTHING. You can check my articles at Snopes any time. I only publish facts. No conspiracies, no b*llsh*t.

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Which brings me to Alex Jones. So desperate to get Donald Duck elected, he will literally say anything. He does not care about facts or reality. He will say anything. He has nothing to back up anything that he says. And yet people keep giving him their hard earned dollars, why? Do you enjoy being needlessly scared over some trumped up b*llsh*t?

Ya'll can stop waiting for Jade Helm or FEMA camps, more of Alex's BS.

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Let me make a promise. You can call it a terrorist threat and call the po pos on me, if you want. But Alex, if I ever see your ugly stupid face over here, I will knock you the f*ck out. Bring your goon squad, I've got one of my own. No one will be able to protect you. No one.

This is the Underground mother*ck*r.

Call the cops when ya' see me, 'cuz it won't be pretty. Grab the TP, it's about to get sh*tty. Oh, and what I do on your grave won't pass for flowers.


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