I was PAID to Protest at a Trump rally, BY Donald Trump

By Christopher R Rice

How do politicians spend our hard earned cash / donations?

I do most of my writing at a local Starfucks. Across the street is the 'river-bottom' (LA River basin) where a large homeless community lives. Right behind a Walgreens. Anyways, the other day, I couldn't believe this, a homeless guy tryin' to crack a hundred dollar bill.

I was more interested in the steady stream of skirts that come into Starfucks all day. But the writer in me said there's a story to chase down. I couldn't believe the story I was hearing and decided this needed further investigating. The next morning at 5am I met that same homeless man in the parking lot at Starfucks. And just as he promised a Trump bus picked us up.

We were given a free bus ride, a free sack lunch and a hundred dollar bill on the return trip.

Once on the bus we were given protest signs with slogans already on them. A man with a Trump t-shirt on, told us to put our cell phones into a backpack for safe keeping and not to worry about violence because if there were any legal or medical bills that Donald Trump would cover them. All we had to do was shout and holler as much and as loud as possible. He went on to say that he didn't support or condone violence but if there was any violence and the media caught it, there would be a bonus, on top of the $100.

Once the Trump rally got started, one of the guys from the bus pulled out a bottle from his back pocket and offered everyone a drink. Even though we yelled and tried to disrupt their rally the Trump supporters remained calm and peaceful. They even tried to engage us with debate and dialogue. It looked like there was no way we were going to get that bonus but then two bums started a physical fight over the last drink in the bottle.

But we still didn't get that bonus.

We all did get a hundred dollar bill and we did make the evening news. The reporter failed to mention that the fight was between two bums over the last drink of Vodka and instead claimed that a Trump supporter punched one of us / protesters. That never happened. Trump supporters were very courteous and polite even though we were trying to disrupt their rally.

I can't remember when the last time was that we sent someone to the White House that wasn't just another career politician. But we sure do need someone to fix all the problems created by these career politicians. That's forsure.

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