No Choices in the Land of Opportunity

By Christopher R Rice

I don't know you and we've never met. You're probably Caucasian, Christian and twenty to forty years old.

I was born in America, the land of opportunity. What I was not told and I think the same was true for you, is that all of our choices have been made for us. In a 'democracy' where things like freedom and liberty are celebrated this really struck me as odd. But since my birth, my choices weren't just limited, they were non-existent.

Let me explain, soon after birth, we are placed in school, for our own benefit. Even though we don't have a choice we are not allowed to complain. Or rather, we can complain but our complaints, we are told are not-valid. At the end of our public schooling we have four choices. Either we go to college, go to work, become drug dealers or join the military. And the choice really isn't ours. If our parents can afford college, we go to college. If our parents can't afford college, we go to work. If we can't find work we either become drug dealers (criminals) or we join the military, right?

When we are born, we are baptized. Our parents take us to church, for our own benefit. Again, we are told that complaining is futile. As an adult you may choose the church services that you attend but you pry know very little if nothing at all about other religions. Our choices aren't just narrowly constrained or limited they are predetermined. Already made for us. We have no choices, really.

If we can be honest with ourselves, it is amazingly clear that America is not the 'land of opportunity' as we were told. We are not free and our liberty is a mere word with no meaning.

According to Corporate America, as an adult, you have two choices, what they call 'free will'. You can play by their rules or you can go live in the streets. In America those are your only real choices. Bend over and forget about the Vaseline.

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