Occupy the unDemocratic Convention in Philadelphia

By Christopher R Rice

Ya'll ain't gonna believe the sh*t I just read. They're payin' muther f*ck*rs to protest. Sorry about all the *s Google claims that this is a family site. If you're a kid reading my ramblings let me tell ya' there's better wayz to spend your dayz.

And if you're looking for perfect grammer, um, you're in the wrong damn place. Move along, there's nuttin' to c here.

Okay, here's what I read...

Please join us as we occupy the unDemocratic
Convention in Philadelphia on July 24th to 28th.
We are a non-violent ready for civil disobedience
to promote the will of the people, which is the
nomination of Bernie Sanders.

Share and like this page with friends and family.
Let them know the people when united cannot be divided.

To which someone replied....

Thanks but no thanks. I have a life that prevents me from doing this stupid shit that you are doing. After work I like going out with friends to drink and socialize and on weekends I like to travel out of town and see the sites. Good luck with your bitch and whine fest. Some things in life are just more important than to whine and cry.

So I replied....

Well the people have spoken. No one cares. Next time you want to stand up and do the right thing just remember you will be all alone. This is why there are so many mass shootings. No one will listen until you put a gun in their stupid ugly faces. Go hang out with your friends and when they ship your job overseas don't come running crying and whining to me bitch, you had your chance and wanted to go to the mall instead, remember?

And then the person who originally posted this b*llsh*t came back with this....

We are running a bus from the 7-11 near the beltway in Annandale. Leaves at 5 am for a day trip. Free. Includes a box lunch and $100 cash on the return trip.

EDITORS NOTE: Wow Becky, they're going to pay people $100. just to protest the grandest puppet show of all time. Sounds like the same cr*p they did last convention and everyone before that. Think it'll work this time? HELL NO. Not even close.

When ya'll get tired of these fake ass protest and fake ass leaders who only lead you nowhere, ya'll let Chris know and we'll arrest the President and put this whole circus on trial. Until then tell every homeless person you see in Philly to get on that bus and get that money. Love -C

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