By Christopher R Rice

I received this question about my Snitches page...

Q. How are you gonna make sure people don't just post pictures of their enemies even if they aren't snitches?

A. I fear that everyone has missed the point. This a tool for you to wield. Why is the left so fragmented in the US? COINTELPRO, snitches, informants and traitors. How can we as revolutionaries counter this huge attack on our civil liberties? What can we possibly do? Just sit back and wait for someone with a case to implicate us in some crime and then we have to go to jail in their place? I'm not one to sit around hoping that I won't be next / gassed, that it's only going to be the Jews or the Gypsies. And hopefully they'll just leave me alone. I guess that whenever I see an injustice being perpetrated I counter it. It's not what I want to do, I feel that I must counter it. I don't think that I could live with myself if I didn't.

Someone said, "Chris, you're an activist." Nah, my government attacked me. Told me that if I smoked a joint that I was a criminal. The church attacked me for the music I liked and how I wore my hair. These didn't seem like things that were preventing me from being a good citizen or a good Christian, but I was ostracized, fired, harassed by the police everywhere I went. Then I was denied employment if I couldn't pass a drug test and had no way to support myself. I was made homeless and unemployable. I was and still am attacked on all sides, I live in constant fear. Not from gangs but from my own government. The terror that they have inflicted, not just overseas but against their own domestic population should keep everyone up at night.

And you're worried about what again? O' yeah, I might publish someone's picture that might not be a snitch. Wow Becky, the things that you decide are worth worrying about really don't matter two flips, do they? It's great when I'm brought back and forced to see the smaller picture. Changes my whole focus.

Now here we have someone who has sacrificed a great part of his life, time and money to bring you a website that you can wield as a weapon. Has anyone bothered to say thank you? Or contribute / donate a lousy five bucks to help me keep this site up and running? No, hell, no. All you do is sit around pooping in the persons Cheerios who actually got up off their fat ass and did something about all this injustice. And how will America pay my sacrifices back? With insults, that's how.

And you wonder where your leaders are. People wouldn't stand up and protect their leaders. Would they?

Our leaders are either in jail or in hiding. Now no one will stand up for Americans ever again, because Americans are backstabbing, cry babies and snitches. Bet your ass I'll post your picture and not give two flips about you or anyone else in this country. The same way that you treated me when all I wanted was work. Remember, ya'll thought it was hilarious to let me starve. And when I tried to bum some change, remember what you screamed out your car windows at me? "Get a job!"

Funny, I never thought of that.  

Then after spending my time, gas and money driving around to interviews what did you say to me? "We love your resume and we'd love to hire you, just one thing first, could you piss in this cup for us?"

Somehow I missed the cup and peed all over your desk, splashing you in your ugly stupid faces. And for some unknown reason to me, I didn't get that job. And I found myself back out on the street flyin' a sign, tryin' to bum some change to stay alive. But I won't give up hope on my writing gig, even though I haven't made a dime. The comments are so great, they inspire me.

I'm just a lonely boy. Lonely and blue. I'd REDACTED all of you but my gun only has six bullets.

Wait, what was your question again? Oh yeah, "how do I know, that you're a snitch?" Most people in this country are, say an easy fifty percent. So I have a fifty, fifty chance no matter who's picture I post. Is ABC or CNN correct half of the time? Hell no, they can't even get the weather right. So just using these simple numbers I'm already more accurate than CNN or ABC news, right?

Damn, I forgot what the question was again? Wait, I know, what it was. "How do I know you care enough to give a 110% when I haven't given ten cents." Guess you get what you pay for huh? You paid nothin' right? There is another site that charges for this same info but you're too cheap to subscribe and pay for a mans hard labor right? You want somethin' for nothin' and expect me to do all the work providing links, bibliographies, foot notes and wipe your ass for you too right?

I ain't the one.

I'm tired of being your slave. Get off my site and go steal someone else's labor. Unless you're homeless like me, either donate or get off my site and don't come back. And take your comments and questions with you. Damn time wasters. Don't need you, never have and never will. As soon as you are gone there will be two more just like you, to replace you.

Ya kno', I doubt that's the answer that they were looking for. Guess ya' get what ya' pay for huh?

Hey, that cop wants to know if that's your sack of weed. Tell him yes and if he wants some it's twenty a gram. We're back in business boyz.

EDITORS NOTE: I've been to county jail twice. Once in LA and once in IE, CA. Both about 20 years apart. My second trip back, everyone was PC'd up. Meaning they were in protective custody. Meaning they were pedophiles or snitches. When I say everybody, I mean that the dorm that I was originally placed in was downsized to make room for more snitches. Due to meth, a drug that won't let you shut up, everyone has become a snitch.

In my world, a hacker got busted and conspired with the FBI to save his own skin. Many brave beautiful people are now in prison because of that snitch. Rotting in a cage. What would you do?

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