Reddit Unleashes the Hounds of Hell

By Christopher R Rice

The Hounds of Hell

Hi, I'm Chris and I run Underground Newz, and some other sites too. I treat Reddit, Facebook, Craigslist and whatever else, the same way I do my Twitter account.

Meaning that if I'm in the office, I'm posting. Sometimes I work 7 days a week.

I actually have an assistant (GF) that does the posting. 'D' post while I write, research and rebuild web pages, that didn't come out right the first two times, I built them.

I'm told that posting my own site to social networks is spamming. I tend to disagree. I was even told this before I put ads on my site. And the ads on my political site (this site) make me less than 50 cents a day. So why do I do it, if it's not for the money? Because, no one ever searches for political articles. So they won't get read otherwise.

At first I was only coping and pasting other writers articles because I had photographic evidence to add. They had the proof, the links, the sources. And I had the photos.

As I said since no one ever searches political titles on their own these articles never got read.

I've also wrote my own articles and I've had hundreds of them republished at thousands of sites all around the world. Sometimes they link back to my site, sometimes they don't.

But not only did I have photos to add, I was trying to post all of these articles in one location. For the simple reason that no one seemed to realize the gravity of the problem.

Most people saw one or two articles, and sometimes they didn't even describe the torture or the depravity that it extended to.

My thinking was that having all of this together in one place with photos, I could present all of the evidence at once and then we'd be able to take appropriate action and arrest the president.

This may sound crazy to you now, but remember the State prosecutor that put Charles Manson away for life wrote a book, on how and why GWBush should be arrested. So at the time it didn't seem so far fetched.

I was also trying to impress an activist chick that I've never met. All this seems pretty silly now. But I've got off track, so sorry about that. So today I received this at one of my Reddit accounts and thought that it was funny, so I thought I'd share:

"Your account has been suspended from Reddit.

[–]subreddit message via /r/[A] sent
Your account has been suspended from Reddit for spamming the site. The suspension will last for 1 day(s).

Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policy to make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit.

If you believe your account has been suspended in error, you can contact us by replying to this message."

LOL. I will not read up on your "content policy" because I just don't care. There are so many advantages to being an Anarchist. Such as rules don't apply to me. Which is why Blooger shut down 10 of my blogs, WordPress shut my website down. And why I've been banned from Youtube, Facebook and now Reddit. Oh wait, it's not a ban at all. I'm just suspended for a day.

I can just hear the mods at Reddit now: "Wow, Christopher Rice has posted the millionth article this month, from his own damn blog again, argh, release the Kracken."

"Ban him sir"? "No, no, a one day suspension should teach him. Lets try that."

The crazy part is even though I've received bans from everyone and everywhere, I'm still here and I can still post on all of them by simply changing my IP address. Which I do quite frequently. Usually I work out of different Starfucks. And simply changing my location or the device that I'm posting from or my user name / account seems to get around their weak ass bans. Even if they blocked my URL, I change URLs more often than some of you shower. Eh, gross. Go wash your stinky ass.

So ban me try it. See if you don't start a riot.

But my new site's taking off on its own. And the hits I do get from Reddit are about worthless, even Google punishes my search engine ranking for getting too many hits from Reddit, so it all seems so counterproductive any more.

So I guess a complete ban would be beneficial, the world's crazy that way.

And I've come to realize that Americans are all ass kissers and boot lickers. That even if the VP of the US went on national tv and bragged about anal raping innocent Iraqi children that had nothing to do with 9/11 and never once attacked us, Americans wouldn't do a damn thang. Americans will only bend over and grab their ankles. While they get that red, white and blue cockadoodle-do shoved up their arse all day long.

Which makes my writing about worthless. No matter how many facts or sources I present, Americans are big p*ssies that won't do a gawddamn thang. F' I just published how dead people are voting and ya'll still ain't done nuthin'. SMH!

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So grab ahold and enjoy the ride. There's nothin' else to do, so let's get high and get naked.

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