Where's your sources

By Christopher R Rice

Yesterday I published: "Iran stops a Terrorist Attack carried out/funded by the USA/CIA". For those of you following this blog, you know that my sources or trustworthiness are always being called into question.

According to the comments left on various social media sites it is because I'm "publishing on a free blog", "have pot ads", "sex ads", because I spell news with a "z", or as one comment said "I don't trust ABC news, why should I trust Underground Newz, sounds like a boy band".

Today I want to prove to you that this is only done by government trolls. The article in question, "Iran stops a Terrorist Attack carried out/funded by the USA/CIA" is full of sources. And yet I received three comments asking "where's the sources". One commenter went so far as to insult the look of my blog. Because we all know that it's how you look, not the content that matters most.

After all if I had paid for a nice shiny website, I guess no one would ever question anything I said. Before I get further off track, here are two sources from the article itself...

Iran's nuclear program: Is regime change the way to stop it?

Giuliani, Tom Ridge Go To Paris To Support Iranian Marxist Terrorist Group

Iranian Dissidents Lobby Brussels

Other sources included within the article are: the Washington Post, the Atlantic, the New York Times, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX), just to name a few.

For those doubters, haters and government trolls whose mission it is to confuse, f' you. For all the readers who warned me about Jade Helm round ups and other such BS. And wondered why I wouldn't publish your garbage, you owe me a big phat apology. For the readers who learned more here than they ever did anywhere else in your lives you owe me a big phat donation. And stop hoarding my stuff and post my links everywhere you can. 'Cuz you won't hear this newz anywhere but at theUnderground.

That's right, I bought a website for a dollar just so you will know that what I publish is the truth, since sources, photographic evidence and proof doesn't work for you.

Now they claim that my site must be biased because of the URL http://www.copsrcorrupt.com/ SMH. Peace out. 

Whatever, never mind, hello, goodbye, that's all folks. Pay me or pay me no never mind.

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