You Can't Handle the Truth

By Christopher R Rice

I wrote an article, about a month ago on how the only way that Donald Duck would ever get elected is if Big Oil and the Big Banks crashed world financial markets. I also wrote why these same interest don't want Hillary in the White House or she would've been prez eight years ago.

Of course everyone told me that I was insane and that Hillary will be our next prez.

Todays headlines: "The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plummeted as global markets descended into chaos following Britain's vote to leave the European Union."

When I published articles about torture committed by US troops and provided photographic evidence I was called a liar, told that I was making it up. As if I was publishing some crazy crap about FEMA camps or Jade Helm round ups. But you believe that lunatic.

I think that you are all as crazy as he (Alex Jones) is. And I can prove it. Americans are as dumb as bricks. And here's my proof: Freddie Mercury named his band Queen, died of AIDS and Americans still didn't believe that he was gay. Americans didn't know that Elton John was gay or even Liberace for gawds sake.

The only reason that gays have to "come out of a closet" is because Americas are deaf, dumb and blind.

They weren't/aren't embarrassed, they were/are proud of their homosexuality. But Americans live in a grotesquely narrow world where they can't even see the noses at the end of their faces or the trees for the forest. Or that they are knee deep in BS with no way out.  

Example: Drugs are available in and around every school, even your own neighborhood. If the government can not keep drugs out of a high security prison they certainly can not keep them out of your children's school.

Isn't this the very thing we were supposed to protect our families from In pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

In '06 we voted out the republican congress to end the war, and yet, instead we got a surge. We dutifully called our Senators during the first bailouts in opposition 100 to 1, and yet, instead we got even more bailouts for automakers.

Our 'leaders' have gone so far as to sell us out to China. They have quite literally put our security, self-sustainability, and thereby our lives at risk by their treasonous covert activities.

You put a Democrat in the White House to end the war and yet we are still in Afghanistan and Iraq and now we're in Syria too, with no hope of ever leaving.

Here's yet another election and again, you are lined up like trained seals, giving your money and your votes to one of these rich c*%@ s*ck*rs.  

Well F' this. I don't want you and I don't need you. You come here and steal my labor every damn day. Turning me into a slave. I keep hoping for something, anything and get nothing. The last comment left on this blog was from an FBI (contract employee/lawyer) agent.

You can't even leave me a damn comment for my hard work. WTF?

Go get your news from: Hi, my name's Alex Jones and I'm insane.

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