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Police Officer Accused of Domestic Violence Shoots at Investigating Officer

By Michael Anthony Adams and Madeline Buckley, The Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Major Rich Riddle provides an update shooting involving off-duty officer and a detective. Michael Anthony Adams / IndyStar

Adrian Aurs photo from 2004 case.(Photo: Provided by IMPD)
INDIANAPOLIS — Police have identified an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer accused of shooting and injuring a fellow officer Friday as Adrian Aurs. The 42-year-old officer was charged in an arrest warrant with attempted murder.

Aurs was taken into custody in Cincinnati after police there stopped his vehicle on I-75. He surrendered after an hourlong standoff with police, according to a news release from Indianapolis police.

Police will extradite Aurs to Indianapolis.

Police allege that Aurs, who was off-duty, shot an Indianapolis detective who was investigating a report of domestic violence Friday night involving Aurs and his estranged wife, and then he fled to Ohio.

The scene in t…

Indianapolis officer arrested on domestic violence charges

By Jennie Runevitch
An Indianapolis Metro Police officer faces a slew of charges, including eight felonies, in a domestic battery case.

Police arrested 10-year department veteran Daniel Bullman on Wednesday.
Court documents detail a disturbing pattern of alleged violence and rage for years against his estranged wife and in front of their children. From 2013 through this year, court papers describe numerous incidents of Bullman punching his wife, dragging her, and hitting her in the face.

She said a separation and counseling seemed to lessen the violence, but then it would start up again. At times, she told police Bullman yelled at her to "fight back." Other times, she says he made her kneel on the ground and ordered her to "bark like a dog."

Once, she told investigators she was injured so badly that she left the house barefoot and bloody and walked to the nearby Speedway Police Department.
She said Bullman drove after her and told her in the parking lot, "I'm …

The latest accusation of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes

Laurie Luhn, a former Fox News booker, has accused Ailes of ensnaring her in a 20-year relationship of sexual abuse that amounted to “psychological torture,” in an extensive interview with New York’s Gabriel Sherman. She also claims that Fox News executives knew what was going onfor yearsand helped to cover it up.

Luhn’s account begins with a familiar, lopsided dynamic between the older, married Ailes and a young 28-year-old who was broke and in need of a job. What follows is a detailed recounting of Ailes priming her to be available at his every whim for regular sexual encounters while he dangled job offers in front of her. The encounters began with a routine that would be repeated over the years:
When she had finished dancing, Ailes told her to get down on her knees in front of him, she said, and put his hands on her temples. As she recalled, he began speaking to her slowly and authoritatively, as if he were some kind of Svengali: “Tell me you will do what I tell you to do, when I tel…

Right Wing Conspiracy Nuts and Left Wing Apologist

By Christopher R Rice

I'm not a writer. I'm just a writer. Life in America has become crazy like that. There's a war criminal in the White House. I didn't come up with that all on my own, I'm just a writer. I report. Obama has moved torture to third party host countries and US Navy ships. I reported that back in '09. Obama allowed and publicly defended the NSA ease dropping on US citizens and our own allies. Obama also authorized "dead checking" and the CIA to kill first responders. After a drone attack when the Red Cross shows up to remove the carnage, the CIA sends another drone to kill the first responders. I have a long list of crimes committed by Obama. As well as every sitting US Senator, Congress member and Supreme Court Justice. But all that I ever hear about is how Obama is not a US citizen.

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The "Machine" VS the Revolution

By Christopher R Rice

Did you hear everyone booing Coronel Sanders at the DNC? And wonder why? Does anyone here remember the Ron Paul revolution? Today, we had the Bernie Sanders revolution. But neither Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders are revolutionaries. And even though people were ready to die in these revolutions neither man had any strategy past the elections. And consequently we all watched as "the machine" rolled over their revolutions.

To our shock and bewilderment we witnessed the Republican machine eat Ron Paul's hopes. Today we saw the same thing at the DNC. And so we watched as Bernie told his supporters that voting for the lesser of two evils was going to be their only option. And they booed and for good reason.

I have a question. How is it that voters are expecting "a revolution" from career politicians? I dunno either.

I've spelled out the only workable strategy to wrestle our Republic away from the crooks, criminals, lobbyist and banksters that now …

Man faces prison after allegedly trying to deposit 10,000 bottles in Michigan

By Ryan Felton The Guardian

In a memorable episode of Seinfeld, two characters hatch a plot: instead of returning bottles in New York for a 5-cent refund, round up a load of containers and run them to Michigan, where the return is double, at 10 cents each. In reality, the ploy – returning bottles purchased outside of Michigan to capitalize on the refund – is illegal under the state’s bottle deposit law. And a Michigan resident is finding out just how steep the penalties could be. Brian Everidge, who is accused of attempting to “return” more than 10,000 bottles from other states, faces up to five years in prison for one felony count of beverage return of non-refundable bottles. The incident dates to late April, when a Michigan state trooper pulled over Everidge – who was driving a rented Budget box truck in Tyrone Township, Michigan, about 40 miles north-west of Detroit – for speeding. The officer, Clifford Lyden, testified at a court hearing on Thursday that Everidge’s truck was filled wit…

Calif Police Officer Arrested For Domestic Violence


GUADALUPE, Calif. - Guadalupe Police Officer Ruben Ramirez was arrested Sunday night at his home in Santa Maria by Santa Maria Police on a charge of domestic violence with a woman believed to be his wife.

"He was arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail and he posted bail for his release", says Guadalupe Police Chief Gary Hoving, "since that time he has been relieved of duty, he has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs investigation."

Chief Hoving commends the Santa Maria Police Department for its handling of the arrest of Officer Ramirez noting that he never received any special treatment.

"At this point we will wait to find out what the outcome of the criminal case is and we'll also look at policy violations in the interim", Hoving says, "we'll see if there are any restraining orders that surface in the next few days."

Hoving says law enforcement officers are being pushed to the limit mo…

Officer of the Year Arrested for Domestic Violence

YORK, Pa. (AP) – A central Pennsylvania county’s “Police Officer of the Year” has been charged with assaulting his wife.

The York Dispatch ( ) reports 34-year-old Bryn Lindenmuth was charged with simple assault, false imprisonment and harassment for allegedly ripping off some of his wife’s clothes, scratching her and refusing to let her leave her home after she returned from a cookout Saturday night. West Manchester Township police say she was able to run to a neighbor’s and call 911.

Lindenmuth has been placed on paid leave by the Southwestern Regional Police, who patrol several of York’s suburbs. His defense attorney didn’t immediately return a call for comment Wednesday.

Lindenmuth was named York County’s officer of the year in 2015 for making 16 DUI arrests, filing 45 criminal charges and conducting 350 traffic stops.

After Bryn Lindenmuth was arrested, Kalina Lindenmuth said she was "sick and tired" of being physically abused and pushed around by her hu…

How to get Donald Trump Elected

By Christopher R Rice

We finally have an anti-establishment candidate. Donald Trump may not be Ron Paul or have any experience in political office but that's the way it should be. The founding fathers never intended for politician to be a career. The people were to elect representatives from amongst themselves (locally) and send the best among themselves to Washington to fix this or that local problem and then the rep you sent to Washington was to return to their former job, not stay in Washington accumulating power and wealth for themselves.

We also finally have a candidate that wants to secure our borders and bring the troops home. We should've secured our borders after 9/11 but Bush and Cheney took millions of dollars from campaign contributors to keep the borders wide open. Then companies like Tyson Foods flooded Congress and the Senate with tons of cash to give illegals a Z-Visa so they could remain and work legally in the US.

But We the People flooded the Senate switchboar…