Authorities ready for rumored 'Day of Rage,' but no sign of protest

By Christopher R Rice

After an ominous video posted by the hacker collective Anonymous the Pentagon sent out a warning to all US troops stationed state side. And local police could be seen driving armored vehicles dressed in riot gear, in most major cities. But no protest.

What was billed as a 'Day of Rage' was more like the day of the dead. For a Friday it's awfully quite around here. Probably because of the huge police presence.

Todays leaders seem as lost as the masses. Even though the Occupy movement caught on quickly its strategy was flawed from the start. Forget about the trash and the homeless and all of the other ugliness you've heard and think about the strategy for just a second. Occupying parks solves nothing and with a little tear gas a park can be cleared in less than 5 minutes.

Now we have Anonymous and BLM. Strategy? None. 'Day of Rage', protest another police killing. How? Block a highway? How long can you hold that highway? And what did you accomplish? I'm not here to nit pick or tell you not to protest. You, me, all of us have every right and every reason to be in the streets.

Our government gives us new reasons daily to be outraged. But is protest solving anything? Reforms solve anything or voting solve anything? Maybe it's time for a strategy that can produce the desired results. Maybe its time to find some leaders that actually have a strategy that's not only workable but will deliver results. Or at least leaders that don't continue offering us the same mistakes over and over again.

Whenever you are ready I wrote CopsRCorrupt to help get you started.

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