Calif Police Officer Arrested For Domestic Violence


GUADALUPE, Calif. - Guadalupe Police Officer Ruben Ramirez was arrested Sunday night at his home in Santa Maria by Santa Maria Police on a charge of domestic violence with a woman believed to be his wife.

"He was arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail and he posted bail for his release", says Guadalupe Police Chief Gary Hoving, "since that time he has been relieved of duty, he has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs investigation."

Chief Hoving commends the Santa Maria Police Department for its handling of the arrest of Officer Ramirez noting that he never received any special treatment.

"At this point we will wait to find out what the outcome of the criminal case is and we'll also look at policy violations in the interim", Hoving says, "we'll see if there are any restraining orders that surface in the next few days."

Hoving says law enforcement officers are being pushed to the limit more now than at any time in his 40 year career.

"I think there has always been stress affiliated with law enforcement and I would not want to use stress as a crutch or an alibi for domestic violence because there is no excuse for domestic violence", Chief Hoving says, "whether there is more stress today than when I started 40 years ago? I would have to say yes, definitely, at this moment we're a little shy on national support for law enforcement and it shows, it shows daily."

Officer Ruben Ramirez has served more than five years with the Guadalupe Police Department.

A Guadalupe police officer was arrested just after 11 p.m. on Sunday for alleged domestic violence against his wife.

The Santa Maria Police Department made the arrest. The suspect was identified as Ruben Ramirez, a veteran officer with the Guadalupe Police Department.

Guadalupe Police Chief Gary Hoving confirmed that Ramirez is facing a felony charge related to domestic violence. A phone tip to our newsroom claims the victim suffered injuries. The extent of those injuries is unknown at this time.

Chief Hoving said Ramirez did not receive special treatment, and that officers that arrested him treated Ramirez like everybody else who is alleged to have committed domestic violence.

Ramirez was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

No other details were immediately known but check back for updated information as it comes into our newsroom.

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