Citizens Rise Against Police Brutality Nationwide

(INTELLIHUB) —It appears as though people finally have had enough. Following continuous police brutality, people are taking to the streets.

A heartbreaking video below, dedicated to the victims of police criminality is a must-watch documentary by every citizen in America. It boils down the real issue which is getting worse with time.

A painful documentary “No Justice No Peace: California’s Battle Against Police Brutality” cannot leave one indifferent. The suffering of the people whose family members were murdered by the killers cops is breaking one’s heart.

YouTube video:

Although we can argue about the causes of this madness, the fact that police violence exist is unarguable. I completely agree with those who are saying that the system is racist and members of ethnic minority groups are at higher risk to get hurt, however, I don’t see racism at the root of this madness. The root of this, in my opinion, lays in the impunity with which cop crime continues. Knowing that they can get away with anything they do, the thugs on power trips are continuing to commit crimes under the guise of law. [5][6]

In support of my point of view I would offer just a few of the many examples which can hardly be seen as race driven phenomena.

First is the Rhode Island incident where police officer Edward Krawets was caught on camera kicking a handcuffed woman in the head.

YouTube video:

Second is Cassandra Feuerstein’s case, a woman who was arrested on DUI charges and was pushed face-first into a jail cell bench, an incident which required her to get facial reconstructive surgery to replace the shattered bones.

YouTube video:

In both cases the victims appear to be white and mindless power abuse appears to be evident.

It is quite obvious to me that unless cops will be held responsible and receive severe jail sentences for their actions, nothing will change. I have no doubt that jailing the cops would fix this problem overnight. Sentences like three years in the county jail or state prison for aggravated assault and/or battery charges against citizens and life in prison for murder would do the job. But whether this simple solution to a serious problem will become a reality, remains to be seen.

It’s quite possible that the upcoming march and a rally against police brutality in Sacramento, CA, planned for October 22nd [1][2] and other protests nationwide [3][4] will serve more than just placing another brick in the wall against police brutality, but will also grow into a nationwide movement against police violence.


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[5] 5 Cops and a Dog Brutally Attack a 20-Year Old Kid – Intellihub
[6]Woman Arrested on DUI Charges Sexually Assaulted by Police Officers – Intellihub

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