How Donald Trump plans on turning America into one big casino

By Christopher R Rice

There have been a lot of departures from the Donald Trump campaign lately and some of those people are talking. They point to Trump circa 1990...

From the Washington Post: As Jeb Bush was campaigning to be governor of Florida, real estate mogul Donald Trump sought a meeting with one of Bush’s closest allies in the state legislature.

Trump wanted to discuss his plan to loosen Florida’s gambling restrictions so he could partner with an Indian tribe and open a casino in the state. He met twice with the lawmaker, then-soon-to-be state House Speaker John Thrasher, once for lunch at the 21 Club in New York and again at Trump’s extravagant Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago. And as Thrasher recalls, Trump was clear about his views on easing Florida law.

Sources tell Underground Newz that once Trump is elected he wants to turn America into one giant casino, and legalize prostitution and drugs to pay down the national debt. Our sources also claim that Mr. Trump does not read newspapers or watch the MSM news either. Instead his news source is Alex Jones. That's where Trump first learned that Obamas birth certificate was a fake and that Obamas really an alien from Planet BBCs.

Moreover, officials said, Trump has remained interested in expanding his casino business into Florida — hiring a Tallahassee lobbyist and meeting with lawmakers in recent years.

During a January 2014 golf outing at a Trump course, the mogul pressed then-incoming state House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (R) on possible gambling expansions in Florida.

When Bush was running for governor in 1998, casinos with table games were illegal in Florida. Casinos were opposed by many politicians in both parties and by some business leaders, who saw gambling expansion as a threat to a state tourism industry that marketed itself around the world as family-friendly.

Trump who's been married and divorced four times isn't really concerned about families, his only concern is for profits. Right now America is running in the red. To help Trump make America great again, he's asking for our daughters, because once America is turned into a casino, we will need a lot of street walkers.

Underground Newz tried repeatedly to contact someone in the Trump campaign for a comment. Finally they emailed me this statement: "Trump says that he's been married four or five times, can't remember now, filed for bankruptcy four or five times and he is sure that he can do the same thing for America. And beside that Clinton belongs in a prison, not the White House, so if you can't vote for Trump at least vote against Hillary. Vote early and vote often, God bless America." 

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