How to get Donald Trump Elected

By Christopher R Rice

We finally have an anti-establishment candidate. Donald Trump may not be Ron Paul or have any experience in political office but that's the way it should be. The founding fathers never intended for politician to be a career. The people were to elect representatives from amongst themselves (locally) and send the best among themselves to Washington to fix this or that local problem and then the rep you sent to Washington was to return to their former job, not stay in Washington accumulating power and wealth for themselves.

We also finally have a candidate that wants to secure our borders and bring the troops home. We should've secured our borders after 9/11 but Bush and Cheney took millions of dollars from campaign contributors to keep the borders wide open. Then companies like Tyson Foods flooded Congress and the Senate with tons of cash to give illegals a Z-Visa so they could remain and work legally in the US.

But We the People flooded the Senate switchboard with phone calls against this legislation. So many people called in that we shut the switchboard down. I helped to organize that protest. A big thank you to everyone who participated.

I started a website that I called VoteStrike. And I began organizing to keep the two open borders Senators running for the White House out. We had a pretty good following. No one had heard of Obama and he had signed the Z-Visa legislation along with his opponent John McCain.

I republished from Open that Obamas top campaign contributors were not small donors as he had claimed but were Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street big wigs.

But no one listened. Everyone drank the Kool-Aid, and started believing whatever Obama said, the truth seemed irrelevant to my readers.

When Obama got elected, I admitted defeat. VoteStrike was a huge failure, another crook was in the highest office in the land.

Shortly there after the Tea Party was born. I had talked it up with some friends, about what protest were still taking place. And about a week or so later my friend said I heard about that Tea Party you were talking about on the news last night.

Much to my dismay the Tea Party chose to attack Obama over his birth certificate which I thought was pure folly. But the members of the Tea Party choose to run with it. And they made the news with it. A new term entered our vocabulary, the birthers they were called. They were being compared to the Truthers, from the '9/11 is an inside job', movement.

A lot of time and money went into proving that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii but as I predicted you were wasting a lot of time and a lot of money. I'd watched the Jesuits do the same thing when they tried to use the RICO law against the first Bush. You see I've been in this fight for a long time now.

For all of the people who still hate Donald Trump, I just have one thing to say, look at the other option. The Democrats crowned their Queen but no one wants Hillary in the White House or Obama would of never been able to beat her eight years ago. She's a dead duck. Nobody is willing to admit this though.

Hate for Donald Trump is still pulsing through half of every Americans blood vessels. To those people who would vote for Hillary as a protest vote against Trump, that must be a hard decision. No matter how politically un-correct Mr. Trump might be, Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, among her other character flaws. But maybe you're okay with that. Hell we even have a BDSM ex Vice President.

If I have any compliant against a Trump presidency it would be his open support for torture. I mean it was bad enough when they turned America into a BDSM Super Freak but at least it was done covertly. At the same time you have to applaud Mr. Trumps honesty. If you're going to be a freak, be a proud freak.

Those of you who know that I've returned to my anarchist roots and have been trying to rid us of any government at all, don't be shocked. These loons are going to vote, I can't change that. Truth and reality are the first casualties in any election. So no matter what I say or publish, someone's getting into the White House that doesn't belong there.

I first saw a Trump presidency as a side effect rising from the ashes of my VoteStrike. Like some medieval Frankenstein. And I thought my gawd man what have I created? But it was the system that created this monster, not I.

Now I'd like to give you a strategy to get Trump into the White House. A little something I learned from Ralph Nader.

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At the time of this writing Trump is trailing Hillary by over 10 points. And this is before the conventions and the debates.

There is a very simple way to flip this. First get everyone you know to call CNN and FOX and demand a third party candidate be included in the debates. The TV networks will cave from the pressure. The same way we stopped the Z-Visa.

That's it. Mission accomplished. Whatever third party candidate they run will draw more people from Hillary than from Trump. No one really wants Hillary anyways, so give people someone else to vote for as a vote against Trump and Hillary. So they will split her vote.

Are you still with me? Going in Clinton has a ten percent lead. A third party candidate would take more voters from Hillary than from Trump. And then, as if by magic, Trump takes the lead and wins the White House.

If this strategy works out for you guys do me a favor and shoot me, ...some cash. I'm going broke over here. Really, try working with anarchist some time, they don't have two cents to rub together for Christ sakes.

And if you know anyone thinking of voting for Hillary please send them here-
Hillary Clinton IS a War Criminal

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