Left VS Right (Today was a good Day)

By Christopher R Rice

When I was pimping, I was real lucky. The girls that I got to work with always had their money straight and were never going sideways. I actually got to pimp with my hands in my pockets.

Now that I'm writing it's a whole new story. If it wasn't for my sex site or my side hustles, you would let me starve. The other day I had to pull out my pimp hand and get to slappin'. If you're not going to rise up with me, the least you can do is pay me.

That's what I miss about writing for VoteStrike. It was so nonpartisan that I even worked with the Tea Party. Being an Anarchist that was totally insane. It was even crazier when the whole Border Patrol joined my VoteStrike campaign. But we had two open border candidates running, John McCain, who border patrol hates and Barack Obama, who they didn't trust after the whole Z Visa episode.

But the great thing about working with the Right is that they pay the people who are willing to stand up to the psychopaths in Washington. They don't nitpick over every detail, if you forgot to cross a t or dot an I, or even if you don't know how to spell so good.

The Left though is completely and totally unforgiving. They say that because of COINTELPRO and that snitch Sabu that no one on the left trust anyone, not even themselves. And it's true. And forget about support. The Left is broke, homeless or just plain stingy.

But I didn't come to complain. Todays a good day, I didn't have to spray with my AK. Yesterday, we received a donation. And today when I checked my stats there was a source sending me traffic I'd never seen before http://babasr.xyz/ 

Turns out this site is 'Top blogs 2016'. I'd never heard of it and quickly scrolled down looking for my blog, which is no longer in the top 100, since I couldn't find it. But we must've been there at some point to get that traffic.

I also received a comment on my blog today. And the donation came with this note: "Thank you for doing your part to protect innocent people from our corrupt police state. It is very much appreciated."

See that isn't too much to ask, but it's been a long time since I've heard that. I use to get emails every day like that.

And a big thank you to all of my readers for putting us in the top 100. And, thank you for the donation and restoring my faith in humanity.  

PS That's the problem with us writers, you can buy us off so cheaply. For less than a good call-girl.

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