The "Machine" VS the Revolution

By Christopher R Rice

Did you hear everyone booing Coronel Sanders at the DNC? And wonder why? Does anyone here remember the Ron Paul revolution? Today, we had the Bernie Sanders revolution. But neither Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders are revolutionaries. And even though people were ready to die in these revolutions neither man had any strategy past the elections. And consequently we all watched as "the machine" rolled over their revolutions.

To our shock and bewilderment we witnessed the Republican machine eat Ron Paul's hopes. Today we saw the same thing at the DNC. And so we watched as Bernie told his supporters that voting for the lesser of two evils was going to be their only option. And they booed and for good reason.

I have a question. How is it that voters are expecting "a revolution" from career politicians? I dunno either.

I've spelled out the only workable strategy to wrestle our Republic away from the crooks, criminals, lobbyist and banksters that now run our government regardless who we vote for.

Voting is not an option.

Can we all agree on that? Can we all agree on these simple principles:

Under the current 'machine' we can not vote our way out of this mess.

The desired change can not be obtained through the voting booth.

Next, can we examine what strategies have worked, don't worry I've already done that research for you. And then maybe agree on a strategy that has had success in the past. As opposed to repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Before I get to those strategies this will not do me or you any good if no one sees it. This is where you come in. At a cost to you of zero dollars the only way for this to work is if a lot of people see it.

Personally, I don't even care if you copy and paste the whole article, cut my name and site out and post it as your own. This info is free for anyone interested in returning America to a functioning Republic without waiting on some politician to fix things.

But you must become your own media and promote it. Put it on your personal pages, post it in your comments on blogs, send the URL to your friends, post to your social media accounts.

I'm not sure if anyone here tonight remembers the Berlin wall or exactly how it came down. But Poland, East Germany and a bunch of other countries they use to call the East Bloc removed their government and that wall without ever firing a shot.

I've talked with / interviewed some of the participants and studied this peaceful revolution. And I'd like to bring it to America.

I think the strategies used there could also be successful here. And we can replace this whole mess that they call democracy.

We can then hold elections that are free and fair.

The very first step as I mentioned is to spread the word. According to the people who have done this successfully in the past the next most important step is to get off the net. That means printing this and passing it out. Holding meetings. And organizing protest in your own area.

Contact your church groups,, union halls, veterans groups, student groups.

This is a real revolution. We will not succumb to the machine.

We will succeed where others have failed because we are relentless and determined. And we will not surrender.

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