President Trump -the Inauguration and First 100 Dayz

By Christopher R Rice

Today is a historic day. On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. The event is being witnessed by well over a million attendees in chilly Washington D.C., and by millions more through coverage on television and the internet.

Presidential Inauguration
Address by Donald Trump 2017
"We're going to find out where you voters really stand. We're going to make America great again. Are there any queers in this crowd tonight? Get them up against the wall. There's one, he don't look right to me. Get him up against the wall. That ones Jewish and that ones a coon, who the hell let all of this riff raff into the country? There's one smoking a joint and another one with spots. If I had my way, I'd have all of you shot!"
First 100 days in office (possibilities what a Trump presidency might look like.)
1. Repeals ObamaCare.
2. Nominates David Duke to the Supreme Court.
3. Nominates Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Attorney General.
4. Appoints radio show host Alex Jones as Presidential press secretary.
5. Appoints a Special prosecutor to re-open Benghazi Hillary Clinton investigation.
6. Megan Kelly mysteriously disappears.
7. Authorizes military to use nuclear weapons against nations that harbor terrorist. Orders Navy into the Straight of Hormuz.
8. Authorizes CIA and Special Forces units to torture suspected terrorist families without trials or charges.
9. ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, FARC and several other terrorist organizations lay down their weapons and sign peace accord.
10. Middle East enjoys peace for the first time in over 50 years.
11. President Trump by executive order issues a ten percent tax on all remittances. All monies sent overseas are taxed, this tax money will, according to Trump, be used to build a wall along our southern border.
12. President Trump says the US will default on it's national debt. Stock and bond markets fall into chaos. US stocks lose over 3,000 points in less than 24 hours.
13. The FED calls an emergency meeting and drops the interest rate a full percentage point.
14. Anti Trump rallies are held across the country. Trump says the police have his full support to regain order.  
15. Police begin to rough up protesters causing riots to break out around the country. President Trump declares martial law.
16. Twitter shuts down President Trumps Twitter account for making racist and inflammatory statements.
17. Twitter is seized by federal agents on the grounds that it was a communication tool for terrorist.
18. President Trump orders the US military on the streets of the US. (Presumably to quell protest and rioting.) Constitution is suspended.
19. Attempt on President Trumps life makes him question the loyalty of the Secret Service.
20. Secret Service is fired and Blackwater is hired in their place.
21. Trump begins rounding up illegals in massive nation wide sweeps. US stocks slide even further, causing massive layoffs.
22. By executive order President Trump stops all immigration. "Until a proper vetting system is in place". However, no such vetting system is ever developed.
23. Protesters are labelled domestic terrorist and sent to Gitmo for interrogations without legal representation or charges filed.
24. The homeless population swells as jobs are non existent and banks begin to fold.
25. A run on the remaining banks by depositors pushes all remaining financial institutions into bankruptcy.
26. President Trump nationalizes the banking industry. A move hailed by Congress and business leaders.
27. By executive order every man, woman and child will be micro chipped to restore the financial order. This chip will contain all medical, financial and criminal records as well as GPS tracking. Other countries follow suit. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against possible unknown side-effects.
28. Protest swell.
29. In response, protesters are rounded up en masse. Incarcerated without trials, charges or legal representation.
30. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman disappears.
31. U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is deported.
32. California suffers an 8.8 earthquake along the San Andreas fault, causing billions of dollars in damage. Raising fears about California's nuclear power plants.
33. Californian's are left with no water or electricity for over 6 months causing massive looting and rioting.
34. The Governor of California declares a 'State of Emergency' and sends in the National Guard to restore order. Issues off-shore drilling rights to pay for the massive rebuilding.
35. FEMA trucks are robbed and looted. Disease breaks out across California. Whole crops are lost due to lack of water. Reports of cannibalism start to come in.
36. President Trump orders federal troops into California to "restore order".
37. President Trump deputizes various militia groups to protect Americas southern border.
38. President Trump amends the Constitution making abortions illegal.
39. President Trump repeals the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution making slavery legal again.
40. Civil war breaks out across the US.
41. Many Americans become refugees and attempt fleeing into Canada only to be turned away at the border by Canadian mounted police.
42. Mass shootings increase. In response, President Trump repeals federal gun control laws like the Brady bill.
43. Federal police, US military and deputized militias roam the streets of most large US cities, going from home to home in search of 'domestic terrorist'.
44. President Trump divorces his current wife (Melania) and re marries in a million dollar ceremony.
45. President Trumps lavish marriage ceremony during a time of national hardship is too much for most people to accept. And President Trump sees his approval rating drop for the first time. Trump starts 'an enemies list.'
46. Environmental protections signed by Obama are repealed.
47. President Trumps most recent ex wife gives an interview in which she complains about Trumps 'very small genitalia'.
48. Melania disappears.
49. President Trump orders the US military to attack Cuba. Cuba is taken over in three days. Raul is arrested and Cuba is returned to the exiles.
50. more below...

50. Former President Obamas birth certificate is deemed to be a fake. Obama is arrested and put on trial for treason. Michelle and her children flee to an undisclosed location.
51. Hillary Clinton is arrested by the FBI and charged with leaking secrets.
52. President Trump and Russian President Putin sign a peace accord and agree to reduce nuclear stockpiles.
53. Israel and the Palestine's sign a peace accord. Israel recognizes Palestine as a state and returns lands.
54. Hamas and Hezbollah disband. Renounce terrorism.
55. Bottled water in California is said to sell for upwards of fifty dollars a bottle on the black market.
56. President Trump reschedules marijuana, decriminalizing sales and possession. Institutes a ten percent tax on sales and cultivation.
57. HBO's John Oliver disappears.
58. Israel accuses Iran of building a nuclear bomb.
59. President Trump accuses China of aggression in disputed islands.
60. Anonymous launches DOS attacks on government, city and state computers. Temporarily disrupting 911 services. Closing down government websites.
61. President Trump demands LE regain control of the internet.
62. Sweeping laws and regulations are put into place to prevent further cyber crime and cyber terrorism.
63. Arrest warrants are issued for hundreds of internet companies and providers.
64. Hundreds of websites are shut down, confiscated. Bloggers and webmasters are arrested, charged with treason or 'aiding the enemy' or simply disappear.
65. Christopher R Rice announces a new underground railroad, that stretches from Canada to South America.
66. Arrest warrants are issued for any owners or operators of any such 'underground railroad'.
67. Thousands escape via the Underground Railroad.
68. India and Pakistan sign historic peace accord. Pakistan returns disputed Kashmir territory. Fighting ceases along Pakistan's and India's border.
69. Cuba signs peace accord with US and becomes fifty first state, is added to the stars and stripes. Puerto Rico, Panama and Guam follow suit.
70. Attorney General Joe Arpaio declares war on Mexican drug cartels.
71. Opium harvest and cultivation drop to their lowest levels in ten years, across Afghanistan.
72. President Trump declares victory in the 'War-on-Terror' and orders US troops out of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
73. US troops are brought home and re-deployed on US streets.
74. Suicide rates skyrocket.
75. Fast food restaurants fire employees due to $15 an hour minimum wage hike. Cashiers are replaced with kiosk machines. Food is prepared by robots.
76. Large discount chains replace employees with self checkouts and automate store stocking like Amazon.
77. Attorney General Joe Arpaio, ICE and the FBI announce the largest drug bust in US history.
78. Black market drug prices spiral out of control.
79. Oil prices drop to all time lows.
80. President Trump institutes a carbon tax on every vehicle and every mile driven. Truck drivers start a convoy protest to Washington DC.
81. President Trump declares the convoy illegal. Threatens arrest. Protest is called off.
82. Congress begins deliberations on how best to repeal the law that only allows a president to serve two terms.
83. President Trump fires his top general for not brining the civil-war to a quick end.
84. President Trump signs an amendment to the Constitution, making gay marriage illegal. Thousands take to the streets to protest. Trump orders the US military to shoot protesters on site.
85. The LGBT community goes underground. AIDS resurges.
86. The UN issues a statement that homosexuals in America will be given refugee status. Issues first ever travel warning against the US.
87. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch label President Trump a war criminal for massacres occurring across the US during this so-called civil-war.
88. Presidents press secretary announces the Washington Post will be banned from Presidential press conferences for security reasons.
89. The FBI puts Christopher R Rice and his Underground Railroad on 'Americas Most Wanted'. A new hit series on FOX.
90. Christopher R Rice threatens to arrest the President of the United States of America and put this whole circus on trial.
91. President Trump craps himself and needs help changing his Depends. New wife complains about having to change a 70 year olds diaper. New wife gets a black eye, threatens to go to the media. Trump threatens to make her disappear like Melania.  
92. Israel threatens Iran with a nuclear first strike if Iran doesn't stop enriching uranium.
93. Iran gives up uranium enrichment and agrees to international inspections. Possibility of war averted. North Korea suspends missile test.  
94. Barrel of gasoline drops to its lowest price ever. America surpasses Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the number one oil exporter on the planet. 
95. President Trump declares a global economic depression that may last into the next decade.
96. President Trump declares the War-on-Drugs to be a complete and total failure. Orders all drug laws repealed. Releases all prisoners held on non-violent drug offenses. Expunges felonies for non violent drug offenses, by executive order. Institutes first ever nation wide needle exchange.
97. President Trump sells federal highway rights to private companies who add toll booths to all roads and highways.
98. President Trump appoints Chuck Hagel to Secretary of State.
99. Gambling becomes legal in all fifty four states. Trump Casinos open from coast to coast. President Trump swears there is no 'conflict-of-interest', and no one dares to disagree.  
100. Well I've wasted my whole day writing this. And I could've been playing with my girl friend. And all of her games start with me getting undressed, so if you enjoyed this list donate a buck or two, it won't break you. And besides, I've got to start building this Underground Railroad thingy.

Editors note: Same things happen if Hillary becomes ElPresidente.

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