Right Wing Conspiracy Nuts and Left Wing Apologist

By Christopher R Rice

I'm not a writer. I'm just a writer. Life in America has become crazy like that. There's a war criminal in the White House. I didn't come up with that all on my own, I'm just a writer. I report. Obama has moved torture to third party host countries and US Navy ships. I reported that back in '09. Obama allowed and publicly defended the NSA ease dropping on US citizens and our own allies. Obama also authorized "dead checking" and the CIA to kill first responders. After a drone attack when the Red Cross shows up to remove the carnage, the CIA sends another drone to kill the first responders. I have a long list of crimes committed by Obama. As well as every sitting US Senator, Congress member and Supreme Court Justice. But all that I ever hear about is how Obama is not a US citizen.

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So on one side of me is the right wing conspiracy nuts and on the other is left wing apologist. So once again, I came before the American public with photographic, video, evidence of every kind. Again, backed up by extremely credible sources. I have American generals and the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders and every other organization under the sun saying the same damn thing. Backing up everything that I've reported. I asked the same as I did with GWBush, let me arrest President Obama and put this whole circus on trial. A fair, impartial, speedy trial. Like the one Saddam got, before they hung him.

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And once again the American public is instead suckered into voting for another rich crook promising to "Make America great again" or whatever. But like I said, I ain't no writer. I'm a revolutionary. But with no support from the general population and your willingness to support these crooks with your vote makes you as guilty as they are. Which I think turns a revolutionary into a terrorist or a blogger. Personally I'm tired of writing political pieces that no one searches for or reads. I didn't become a writer to collect dust, I'm here to raise an army.

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