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Man arrested for writing 'kill that pig' about police officer on Facebook

By: Hannah Saunders

DETROIT (WJBK) - A Detroit police officer caught on camera going above and beyond the call of duty giving school supplies to a little girl.

But among the praise someone posted a death threat against the officer.
A police officer was praised by neighbors last week when she used her time off to help a student in need.

But when that video was posted online, the officer was ridiculed by comments, mostly by people who say, she had arrested them before.

"She's a well-known officer in the 11th precinct,” said Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt, Detroit police. "She wears plain clothes, she's made a lot of arrests, and some people don't like to get arrested."

Then the comment that caused the most concern. A man going by the name "Gee Ross" typed the words "kill that pig." The comment was made Sunday night.

"You want to threaten one of my people, then guess what? It's time to pay the piper," Dolunt said.


What's Worse The Liar or the Boot Licker?

By Oliver Darcy Business Insider

EDITORS NOTE: You go into a bar and you order a drink. You have one fifty dollar bill in your wallet and a ten. You pay for the drink with the ten and leave the change as a tip. When you get outside you realize that your wallet is missing. So you go back into the bar and find your wallet on the stool you were sitting at. But the fifty dollar bill is gone. In the bar is an honest attorney, a tooth fairy and a dishonest attorney. Which one stole your fifty dollar bill?

Answer: The tooth fairy and the honest attorney are obviously figments of your imagination. Since neither one exist, it must be the dishonest attorney.

Rush Limbaugh said Monday that he never took Donald Trump "seriously" when he said he would deport millions of people residing in the US illegally.

The remarks from the king of conservative talk radio came when a Los Angeles caller identified as Rick confronted him about Trump's waffling on the issue. In recent days, the Republic…

Pentagon Officials Permitted Government Spending at Strip Clubs and Casinos: Report

By Mahita Gajanan Time

Pentagon officials allowed their employees to use government credit cards at strip clubs and casinos, without any disciplinary action, according to a new report released Tuesday.

The report from the Department of Defense’s inspector general found that management did not take the correct course of action after finding out their workers used government credit cards for non-work related purposes.

“DoD management did not take appropriate action when notified that cardholders potentially misused their travel card at casinos and adult entertainment establishments,” the report said. “Specifically, DoD management and travel card officials did not perform adequate reviews for the cardholders reviewed and did not take action to eliminate additional misuse.”

Department of Defense workers spent nearly $100,000 at strip clubs and “adult entertainment establishments,” and almost $1 million at casinos, according to the report, which cited a May 2015 audit. At the request of the Se…

Video- Los Angeles police arrest singer Chris Brown for assault after lengthy standoff

By David Ferguson Rawstory

Watch live coverage of this story from Fox 11 News:

Singer and performer Chris Brown was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, WWBT-TV reported.

According to Los Angeles’ Fox 11 News, the singer was arrested after a woman accused him of pulling a gun on her during a late night dispute.

Former Miss California regional finalist Baylee Curran told that she was attending a gathering at Brown’s home on Monday night when she got into a dispute with a member of Brown’s entourage about a piece of jewelry.

Brown, she said, pulled a gun on her and ordered her to “get the f*ck out.” She attempted to leave, briefly tangling with Brown’s handlers who demanded her cell phone and that she sign a nondisclosure agreement. She said she refused and bolted out the door, then called police.

According to, Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos arrived on the scene around noon local time.

TMZ also said at some point someone threw …

Altamonte Springs police officer arrested on domestic battery charge

By Tony Marino

Seminole County, Fla. — Senior Officer Paul Singrossi with the Altamonte Springs Police department was arrested early Tuesday on a charge of domestic battery by strangulation.

Singrossi’s wife told Seminole County Sheriff's deputies he had choked her.

Singrossi was arrested at his home around 1:30 Tuesday morning and taken to the Seminole County Jail.

He is now on paid leave from the Altamonte Springs Police department pending the outcome of a criminal and internal investigation,

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


KKK in your local PD

Americas Criminal Justice System is Racist

NYPD: Racial profiling is a part of the system

Police take millions of dollars from motorist never charged with a crime

Prank caller gets Burger King workers to smash restaurant windows

(WARNING: Video contains strong language)

By CBS Police say a prank caller fooled workers at a Minnesota Burger King into smashing the windows of the restaurant to keep it from exploding.

The Coon Rapids Police Department says employees got a call Friday night from someone claiming to be from the fire department. The caller said the restaurant was pressurized and could explode, so they needed to relieve the pressure. Employees and the manager believed the caller and smashed all the windows on the ground floor.

“It’s nothing I ever came across so I didn’t know what to do,” said employee Ethan Grewe.

Grewe was one of the workers frantically breaking windows. He said that a caller told his manager that it had to be done, otherwise the building would explode because of a gas leak.

“I guess I was a little scared. My other co-workers were doing it so I just followed along,” said Grewe.

Investigators are trying to identify the caller.

Police say there have been similar deceptions at fast-food resta…

LAPD officer charged with stealing police radio, failing to pay for baby stroller: 'We trusted her because she was a police officer'

By LATimes

A Los Angeles police officer pleaded not guilty Monday to a series of criminal charges, including theft of a police radio and an illegal search of a law enforcement database.

Prosecutors also allege that Jessica Guzzetti failed to pay for a baby stroller, according to a criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Guzzetti, 27, entered the not-guilty plea in a Van Nuys courtroom, her first court appearance since she was charged July 25 with the three misdemeanor counts.

The officer could not be reached for comment. Her attorney, R. Alex Comley, told The Times that his client “acted without criminal intent.”

“She tried to make things right and we’re going to show this in court,” Comley said. He declined further comment.

The first count alleges that Guzzetti stole an LAPD radio valued at $3,470.30 in 2013. Another count alleges that she accessed information from a Department of Justice computer database in 2014. Prosecutors also contend that Guzzetti failed to pa…