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Frederick County official spared jail time in Anne Arundel prostitution case

By Megan Brockett CapitalGazette

Former Frederick County commissioner Blaine Young was found guilty of three misdemeanor charges of prostitution on Tuesday, but will have the opportunity to keep his record free of any criminal convictions after the judge gave him probation before judgment.

Closing out a roughly 3 1/2-hour trial in District Court in Annapolis, Judge H. Richard Duden III said he had no "reasonable doubt" that Young's only purpose for being in an Anne Arundel County hotel room in February was engaging a prostitute.

Young, 44, and his attorney, Peter O'Neill, contended during the trial that Young had been seeking only a massage for lower back pain.

Young was charged in February with four prostitution-related counts after he went to the Aloft hotel near BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport in response to an online advertisement placed by Anne Arundel County police as part of a prostitution sting.

Two Anne Arundel County detectives testified Tuesday that Young called …

Shreveport Police officer arrested

By KTBS Staff
A Shreveport police officer placed on departmental leave earlier this month has been arrested on an outstanding warrant procured by Shreveport Police investigators on Friday afternoon.

Vincent Webb, 49, of the 5500 block of Cross Timbers Drive in Shreveport, was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on an outstanding warrant charging him with a single misdemeanor count of Abuse of Children;Reports;Waiver of Privilege.  

In an investigation conducted by Shreveport Police detectives, information and evidence was gathered indicating Webb, while working off-duty as a school liaison officer, allegedly mishandled a case involving a juvenile by failing to report information related to him as mandated by state law.

The rules and regulations of the Shreveport Fire and Police Municipal Civil Service Board mandate that, “When an employee is charged with a felony he shall, and if a misdemeanor he may, be immediately relieved of duty and placed on "departmental leave" for up to …

Americans are nothing but a bunch of boot licking, ass kissing, house n----s

By Christopher R Rice

Americans are nothing but a bunch of boot licking, ass kissing, house n----s. Americans would be fine with their own children getting the worst education of any industrialized nation, cops that shoot their children in the back, a thriving drug epidemic, living in a society where their mothers and daughters are raped every two seconds and a military that rapes, tortures, dead checks and leaders that are war criminals. Americans are pathetic pieces of garbage. There is no waking up an ass kisser. Treat them like snitches. And you know what we do to snitches right?

1.) Every 109 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.And every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison.

2.) U.S. Education Slips In Rankings

Given what the United States spends on education, its relatively low student achievement through high school shows its school system is "clearly inefficien…

Police Officer Arrested By FBI For Smoking Crack On Duty

Just a Few Bad Apples Part I
By Christopher R Rice

By cganemccallaWSAW

The FBI has arrested a Platteville Police Officer, charging her with smoking crack cocaine.

The news came as a shock to the small police department. Monday afternoon Platteville Police Chief Doug McKinley got a visit from the FBI. “They let us know that they’d had an ongoing investigation concerning a member of our department.”

Officer Michelle Salentine was arrested without incident when she reported for duty. She appeared in federal court Tuesday, accused of smoking crack cocaine.

Salentine joined the Platteville Police Department in September of 2004. “Been a very good officer, but apparently had some things going on that we were unaware of,” says McKinley.

According to court documents, Salentine says she’s been smoking crack 4 to 6 times a week for the past year.

A confidential witness tipped off the FBI in February. Chief McKinley says Salentine is a patrol officer for the night shift. “She was working predominantly 7…

San Jose: Crackdown on Vietnamese gang leads to cop's arrest, drugs, weapons, alligator

By Robert Salonga The Mercury News

SAN JOSE -- A crackdown on Vietnamese organized crime in San Jose spurred police raids stretching from the Bay Area to the Deep South, yielding nearly two dozen arrests -- including a San Jose police officer -- and a cache of drugs, weapons, gambling machines, and one alligator. They were among the results of a six-month investigation spearheaded by the SJPD gang investigations unit targeting a sophisticated gambling, extortion and drug trafficking ring run out of some of the myriad Vietnamese cafes that dot the city. San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia, joined by officials with the FBI and DEA, detailed the operation in a news conference Wednesday.

Police announced 23 people have been arrested and booked on charges ranging from extortion, public corruption, narcotic trafficking, assault, illegal gun possession and conspiracy. Two of them were arrested in Anaheim by Orange County sheriff's deputies. Six more suspects remain at large and are being sou…

Video shows LAPD officer kicking and punching in controversial South L.A. arrest

By Kate Mather LATimes

The video shows a Los Angeles police officer rushing toward the middle of the South L.A. street where two officers were holding a man on the ground.

Officer Richard Garcia swings his right leg and kicks the man hard near his head. Over the next 10 seconds, the video shows Garcia knee the man in the back, and elbow and punch him in the head.

As the other officers stand up and move away, Garcia presses his knee into the man’s back for more than two minutes, stopping only when other officers come to help pick up the handcuffed man and drag him toward a patrol car.

For nearly two years, the video of the October 2014 arrest has been repeatedly cited by police and prosecutors as they denounced Garcia’s actions, sought discipline against him and charged him with felony assault. But the department refused to make the recording public, even after prosecutors agreed in May to a plea deal that spared Garcia jail time.

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