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Americans are pathetic and I'm ashamed to be one

By Christopher R Rice

I've received several comments at Underground Newz, that people are refusing to read my blog because I spell news with a z. Isn't it funny what some people find worth revolting over? We live in a society where 1 in 5 women are raped by age 18, every 2 minutes in America! But you're okay with that right? You're not revolting. Withholding your taxes for a lax attitude at every police department? Refusing to vote, shop or work until someone gets serious and stops burying rape test kits of those willing to come forward? Nah. How about our public education system that ranks dead last when compared with any of the other 30 industrialized nations of the world? Have you pulled your kids out of classes? Marched on Washington, DC? Demanding a decent 21st century education? Now that we are all forced to compete with countries that have no workers rights shouldn't we be given the best opportunities available? Nah, I don't see throngs of protesters in the streets. But what's really killing you though is that Z, I put in Newz, huh? That's why it's there, to piss you off. Here's an idea for you, stay off of my blog and stay Stoopid.

American rape statistics

US falls in world education

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