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Biblia Britanica

By Christopher R Rice

Sitting around in my country blues, reading the Bible 'cause there's nothing else to do. Adam and Eve took the devil's advice and got rolled up out of paradise. In a jail of their own design, with too much tension and politics, Cain killed Abel and was sent to the pen.

Sitting around in my country blues, reading the Bible 'cause there's nothing else to do. When God looked and saw what He had done it made His skin begin to crawl. Down in Sodom and Gomorrah were k-11s, He couldn't believe His own eyes. And He began to cry, then everyone but Noah got sent to the hole.

Sitting around in my country blues I'm reading the Bible 'cause there's nothing else to do. Now back in the day, the deputies had everyone working on a chain gang, but when Moses saw one of the deputies being a punk, he picked up a rock, and killed him on the spot. Then he said to Pharaoh I'll do the same thing to you. So Moses got the people together and they split that place, but the cops came after them in a high speed chase. The cops all died, 'cause they didn't know it was an ambush, so end of the case.

Now I'm sitting around in my county blues, reading the Bible 'cause there's nothin' else to do. When Jesus was born they called everyone together for a wrist band count. Jesus was like no one else. Jesus fed the hungry and cured the sick, Jesus said "sell all of your bling-bling and give it to the poor". The cops said "it was really wrong what you have done" and hauled him off to court. The courts didn't know what to think, when no evidence was found the charges got dropped but were soon refilled in another court. Where Jesus's public defender said "they want to kill you and you'd better take it, 'cause it's the best deal I could get." The police beat and spit on him, so he'd gladly accept the D.A.s deal. But Jesus was his Fathers son, Jesus was like no one, so a battle lost, a war is won.

Now I'm sitting around in my county blues and I'm reading my Bible 'cause it's the best thing that I can do.

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