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"Cop of the Month" arrested for Domestic Violence AGAIN

By Mira Wassef | Staten Island Advance  

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A former Staten Island NYPD lieutenant with a history of domestic violence arrests allegedly slashed his ex-wife's throat during a public confrontation Tuesday afternoon.

The victim was on her to way pick up her kids when Vincent Curulli, 49, of Eltingville, cut off his ex's car on Page Avenue, near Long Pond Park in Richmond Valley, at around 1:45 p.m., according to allegations in court documents.

They both exited the vehicle before Vincent Curulli grabbed her arm and yelled,
"You're not going to pick up the kids," an NYPD spokeswoman said.

The former cop then used a metallic object to slash the woman's neck and shoulder, the criminal complaint says. She suffered lacerations, pain and bleeding.

The ex-wife claims the object was a razor blade.

"My neck looks like a tiger scratched me," Tricia Curulli told the Advance Wednesday. "The doctor said another inch and it would've hit my artery."

The victim, a retired NYPD domestic violence officer, was treated at Staten Island University Hospital, Prince's Bay.

The suspect, police said, violated an existing order of protection and was charged with assault, aggravated criminal contempt, criminal contempt and
harassment, police said.

A couple of months ago, the defendant was arrested for again allegedly violating an order of protection. On May 3, Vincent Curulli allegedly yelled and cursed at his ex when he was dropping off his kids, according to the criminal complaint.

He was charged with criminal contempt and harassment in that case, police said.

"My nerves are shot," Tricia Curulli said. "I'm at the point where I can't take this anymore."

In 2014, the 240-pound man was arrested on charges he attacked his then wife in front of their three kids in their Eltingville home.

He allegedly punched her "multiple times" in the head, said court documents. He also allegedly kicked her in the leg.

The victim's three children – then ages 16, 5 and 3 -- were "within viewing distance" when Curulli hit his wife, said court papers.

Those records don't say what caused the alleged confrontation.

Curulli was charged with one misdemeanor count of assault and three misdemeanor counts of endangering a child's welfare, said a spokesman for then District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

He's was also accused of a lesser count of harassment.

"I'm sick and tired of cops letting it go because he's a cop," she said.

Advance records show the defendant was assigned to the 123rd Precinct in Tottenville.

In February 2012, he was feted as a "Cop of the Month" for helping nab a burglar three months earlier, during an operation to crack a break-in pattern, Advance records show.

Detectives developed the case further and identified two suspects in a string of prior heists.

Attempts to reach Vincent Curulli and his attorney were unsuccessful.

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