Denver Police officer Davin Munk, female suspect will not face charges in sex assault investigation

DENVER (CBS4) – A 31-year-old officer with the Denver Police Department has been arrested for investigation of sexual assault.

The department says they learned of the alleged assault from another police agency.

Police announced the arrest of Officer Davin Munk, 31, early Wednesday afternoon after interviewing the alleged victim on Tuesday. The incident happened last month.

Munk’s fellow officers took him into custody. He tentatively faces multiple counts of sexual assault, a felony, and a count of felony menacing that all stem from the same incident.

Munk has been with the department since 2013. He most recently was assigned to patrol in northeast Denver.

On Monday, the Denver Police Department received information from another police agency in Colorado that he had been the perpetrator of a sexual assault involving a weapon at the end of April. Police told CBS4 the alleged victim is known to Munk.

Police haven’t release much more information.

“That’s what we have to do — talk to witnesses, ‘Hey, was he here? Was he there? Was he not here? Was he not there?’ Because we have to prove, we have to be able to present all the facts of the case without them being tainted,” Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson told CBS4.

Upon CBS4’s request, police did release Munk’s disciplinary history with the Denver Police Department which shows four incidents. One internal complaint filed just this past December alleges inappropriate force. In another complaint filed in February of 2015, Munk was suspended for four days for “prejudicial conduct.”

He has been suspended without pay while an investigation into the case continues. His mugshot is not currently being released.

Munk appeared in court where his bond was set at $650,000. Additional court dates will not be scheduled until charges have been filed.

Angiella Arnot


DENVER - A Denver Police officer and a female suspect arrested this week in connection to a sex assault investigation will not be facing charges. 

Officer Davin Munk, 31, and Angiella Arnot, 47, were facing multiple counts of felony sex assault from an incident that happened in late April. Their charges were dropped after investigators obtained new evidence in this case, according to a statement released by the law enforcement agency. 

Investigators did not elaborate on what that new evidence was. 

Police did not provide any information about how Arnot was involved in the case, but a source told Denver7 that a group of friends met at a bar in the southwest metro, near Southwest Plaza last Thursday night, and then went to the officer's house in a gated community nearby.

An Internal Affairs investigation will be conducted to determine if Officer Munk violated any department policies. For now, he remains suspended, now with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Both Munk and Arnot have also been released from custody. 

UPDATE: Police officer accused of sex assault speaks out, says he’s victim by  CW2

The Denver police officer who was arrested last week as part of a sex scandal involving two women spoke out Tuesday and claimed he is the victim.

The woman who accused him contacted an outside police agency, who then got a hold of the Denver Police Department. There was enough evidence initially for Munk to be arrested.

“My personal life isn’t my professional life,” he said. “They are different worlds.”

Munk has been in trouble with the department a few other times before. He was suspended for lying on a report and was also disciplined for damaging police property.

He’s on paid leave while the internal affairs investigation continues. That investigation will ultimately determine whether Munk gets to keep his job.

If Denver police decide to keep him, he said he would consider staying. He said he’s not upset with Denver police for arresting him; he just wishes they would have allowed him to prove his innocence earlier.

Munk said police treated him with respect during his arrest and he’s grateful for the hard work the investigators did in finding the evidence that proved his innocence.

While police have dropped the criminal charges Munk was facing, they have launched an internal investigation into whether he abused his power that night and broke department policies.

Munk admits he and a female friend met with his accuser one night last month.

He also admits they hooked up through an adult web app. The intent from the get go, Munk said, was to have sex. According to Munk, all three agreed in advance to the rules and boundaries of the night.

After the encounter, the woman was angry, Munk claims, because he refused a sexual request from her. He said the woman threatened to go to police to accuse him of sexually assaulting her and using his service weapon. She eventually did.

Reporter Kevin Torres: You showed her your gun? You brought it out and showed her?

Munk: Yes. It was never during any sexual act, it was beforehand. I was actually showing her gun safety.

Torres: So you pulled your gun out during sex? What, she wouldn't obey your demands so you pulled out your gun out and threatened her with it? It sounds like the Denver police destroyed evidence and then dropped the charges against you.  

Munk: Prove it.

Torres: As I said, it sounds like all the evidence has been destroyed. And all witnesses silenced. Now your here to clear your worthless name while smearing the victims. That's the American way. Guess you'll be able to return to work soon, huh? Get back to beating up suspects and date rape. Now that your paid vacation is almost over. Don't worry about the bill, put it all on the working mans back, uh I mean tab or tax, whatever.

Munk: Oh, no worries.

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