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Florida police officer arrested after soliciting $40 prostitute while on-duty


A Florida police officer was arrested Thursday after trying to solicit a $40 prostitute while he was on duty, police said.
Melbourne Officer Shawn Archbold, 27, was caught after he offered cash to the prostitute — who was actually an undercover female cop — while he was driving a marked patrol car, according to Fox 35.

The undercover officer was put in place as part of a four-month investigation into Archbold, who was suspected of soliciting prostitutes after another streetwalker told police that an officer had tried to hire her for sex.
The hooker approached the marked car wearing a hidden microphone and the two agreed on a price.

Archbold, who joined the police department in August 2012, went to an ATM to withdraw cash but was called back to the station and arrested, according to reports.

“Bad apples need to be weeded out,” Melbourne Police Chief Steve Mimbs told Fox 35.

Archbold has also been suspended without pay from the department and is in the process of being fired, which could take up to a week.
Police officials are also hiring an outside firm to study departmental procedures.

“It’s egregious, and it’s got to be dealt with, and it’s got to be proven,” Mimbs said.

“We are going to see if there are any cracks in our supervisory practices and processes. We are going to try to address that through training or whatever recommendations are made.”

Archbold posted a $500 bail and was released from the Brevard County Jail.

His trial date has not yet been set.

EDITORS NOTE: I just ran a story where a police dispatcher was fired for being caught in a prostitution sting. (A transaction usually between two consenting adults). And yet according to the story below an officer arrested for domestic violence (one adult getting violent with a spouse and or defenseless child) is on paid leave, code for paid vacation. Cops will continue to beat us and their own wives and children as long as the DA continues it's Kangaroo courts every time a cop is charged / arrested. If they did the crime let them do the time. No more special treatment. One form of justice for the super rich, another for politicians, cops and Wall Street bankers and prison for everyone else. American justice is another lie. A few bad apples my ass. Related article: Officer of the Year Arrested for Domestic Violence 

Remember kidz, it's A-Okay to beat your wife and kidz but don't ever get caught with a prostitute, she'll ruin you. American justice at its finest.

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