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Frederick County official spared jail time in Anne Arundel prostitution case


Blaine Young

Young, in a gray suit and yellow tie, became tearful on the stand when Assistant State's Attorney Natalie D'Antonio asked him about an apology he made on Facebook in March.

In the post, Young wrote, "I make no excuses for my actions as there are NONE.

I am very very sorry to Regina, my children my family and friends. I am seeking and getting the help that I need. I have over come (sic) many problems in my life but I obviously still have demons to deal with and conquer. Please give my loved ones the space and support they need."

When D'Antonio asked why he was apologizing, Young said he was sorry for getting himself into the situation.

"I wish I could take back making that phone call," he said, crying. "I wish I could take back ever going there. And I'm trying to make right with God and I'm trying to make right with a lot of people ... There's a lot of people that believe in me and I let them down.

Young was found guilty of three charges and ordered to pay a $200 fine. If he successfully completes his probation before judgment, he will not have a criminal record.

Young served as president of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners from 2010 to 2014. He ran as a Republican for county executive in Frederick County in 2014, losing the seat to Democrat Jan Gardner.

Before entering the race for county executive, Young considered a run in the 2014 gubernatorial race to replace former Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley
His father, Ron Young, was a four-term mayor of Frederick who later went on to be elected to theMaryland General Assembly. Ron's wife, Karen Lewis Young, was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 2014.

Blaine's brother, Brad, is a member of Frederick County's Board of Education.

EDITORS NOTE: Should we believe the cops forgot to record a bust? Guess this writer didn't want to ask any of the hard questions, so... Is it typical that cops are out busting hard working citizens trying to get a massage at the end of a hard work day? Or did they drop the charges on this guy because politicians and city officials don't have to follow the same laws as every else? Either way, American justice is a joke. And we should all demand our money (taxes) back!! This is not what we paid for, not even close.

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