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My friend Cindy went crazy and her SO called 911 and had her 51/50d. Me and my girl picked up a little pet at Starfucks. She went out to get me some bread and got picked up by vice. No bail, they're holding her on an old warrant. Then my friend Marcus ODd down in the river bottom.

I got so broke had to call my Pa. Tags on my wagon three months out-of-date. Waitin' for the piggies to pull me over to tell me what I already know.

Is this the end? Is the wolf about to die? Will the three little pigs get away, Scott-free? Stay tuned for the answers to this and so much more. Or less?

VoteStrike dead. General Strike to end corruption dead. Poor Bernies dead and gone, left me here to sing this song. The Machine has ran over everything. And the American people won't stand up and protect their leaders. So learn from the past and don't repeat it.

There's a storm a brewin. As soon as they crown Caesar king. The Bond markets in such a bubble we will watch this whole house of cards explode.

They keep cramming it down everyone's throats that the only way is Capitalism or Communism. Take your pick, cell phones or bread lines, you choose. I call b*llsh*t. Three Little Piggies play us like the chumps that we are. Democracies become the old shell game. And the House always wins.

Come on kidz, you can't lose if ya' don't play. Aren't parents suppose to leave their children a better world than the one that they found? Yet we are knee deep in debt, 19 trillion, so far. And with the ice caps melting so fast Florida won't be home to Disney World much longer. It will only be able to be home to Sea World.

America is run by two systems. One is called "fear and consumption". Which says, "hey you've got zits, no one will date you so by our product." Or "hey, you're so fat buy this or no one will talk to you, like you, date you." Or "The countries not safe, vote for me, I'll protect you." (Willie Horton)That's fear and consumption.

The other thing that America runs on is the pleasure-reward center. It's the part of your brain that feeds you the equivalent of OxyContin. It works like this, you tell yourself something like, "I've worked all day/week, I've done my chores or homework or whatever so I deserve a reward." And so you reward yourself. For some people it's a lottery ticket or chocolate or sex. Whatever you've chosen as your 'reward', your brain releases a chemical that's the same as doing drugs. Unfortunately a lot of the things that we were raised to believe are rewards are not really rewards at all.

Like a Starbucks drink. They came up with a better cup of coffee and charge a premium price which tells our brains this is a treat, a reward. But in reality it's just a cup of sugar. And there is not one thing in that cup that is even close to being good for you or your health. The things that we've allocated reward status to are the very things that are killing us.

But I've been telling you this for years and you're either too stupid or too selfish to care. Either way you are just as guilty to me as the crooks in Washington DC if you continue to vote for them. You are facilitating their criminality. Without your vote and consent they could not continue to rape, torture and murder us in cold blood in the middle of the street.

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