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Hacktivists Send Messages To Police Through Electronic Road Signs


The messages on the road signs which were relayed by some hacktivists to the police read “F**k the Police” and “No Tears for Dead Cops.”

This comes as a backlash of reaction from hackivists after numerous cases of police brutality in the country. In the last two weeks, the hacktivists have sent out messages to the police, using road signs in Georgia and in Denver recently.

The first message was posted in Georgia where, as stated by “Who needs to hack websites when you can hack electronic road signs? Lately, hacktivists have been acquiring new ways of delivering their messages to masses rather than choosing to deface a no good website. One of those new ways includes hacking traffic signs or defacing billboards to leave messages against politicians and government officials. But Cobb County residents witnessed something different when someone hacked into the electronic sign on Johnson Ferry Road near Sewell Mill Road and defaced it with anti-police message ”F**k the police and ”No tears for dead cops.”

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The second message was posted a few days back in Denver, Colorado and in accordance with “A few days ago we gained access to an electronic road sign on Broadway and Ellsworth, a busy area of this city and one of the main roads going through Denver. In the evening we broke into the control box and changed the message on the sign to say “F**K THE POLICE” so that everyone out that night and everyone driving down Broadway could see it.
We did this minor action as a showing of resistance to the growing police state and systems of domination everywhere and in revolutionary solidarity with all those who choose to take action against these systems of domination and oppression and the police who uphold them, who choose to fight back, in revolutionary solidarity with all those who choose to take sides and NOT to remain innocent, people fighting in the streets, in the prisons and jails and detention centers: this is for you! From Denver to Milwaukee to the prison cells of Korydallos to the mountains of Rojava: The fight lives on! ”

This just shows that the society is sick and tired of the police harassing and brutalizing people. The people want a reform in the system and these are messages to remind the authorities that they have got work to do in curbing the issues of police brutality.

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EDITORS NOTE: Last week the Underground reported:

  Four men in Detroit were arrested over the past week for posts on social media that the police chief called threatening. One tweet that led to an arrest said that Micah Johnson, the man who shot police officers in Dallas last week, was a hero. None of the men have been named, nor have they been charged.

“I know this is a new issue, but I want these people charged with crimes,”
said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. “I’ve directed my officers to prepare warrants for these four individuals, and we’ll see which venue is the best to pursue charges,” he added.

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