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Message to the Souljahs: Guardians and Sources

By Christopher R Rice

If someone ask you for your "sources" they are your enemy. Consider them public enemy number one. Treat them like you would any snitch.

Here's why. Thirty five years ago we worked tirelessly 'waking up the sheeple'. Doing pain staking research, risking our lives to publish the truth. Some of us were silenced with jail, some with violence.

And along comes Ronald Reagan with all of the governments money to spend. And he hires a scientist to prove that marijuana is bad for you. So this scientist with this huge government grant goes out and buys himself a bunch of Rhesus monkeys. Knowing that if he can cut off oxygen to their brains it will kill their brain cells. He straps his monkeys into a chair and puts a face mask over their mouths that feeds them marijuana smoke and cuts off oxygen. Then he turns on his MRI machine and records how marijuana smoke is killing brain cells. Then they show this MRI in classrooms to little children all across the country. And Walla there's a scientific "source" that proves that marijuana kills brain cells.

Also remember that over 35 years ago, when Reagan cranked up the "War-on-Drugs? And we told these same "sheeple" (the guardians) that the police were out of control, shooting unarmed civilians who were trying to surrender. And what did the guardians do? What did the "sheeple" do? They held rallies for the police.

These people, the American people are clearly the enemy. When someone ask you for your "sources" treat them like a snitch.

You know what we do to snitches don't you?

They are no different. They are public enemy number one.

I've tried doing this all on my own for 35 years now. That strategy has failed miserably. I'm now recruiting an army. Not on the net. Not like Anonymous. The Anonymous Army has failed. I will be recruiting and training individuals in person.

Mark my words. They are going to put the biggest cracker that they can find in the White House.

The pendulum must swing both ways. Regardless what the MSM keeps telling you. 

And I will arrest him and put this whole damn circus on trail. It will be a fair and impartial trial. Just like the one that Saddam got.

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