Minnesota officer arrested for DWI goes on anti-police rant: ‘I f---ing hate the cops and I hate that I’m a cop!’


St. Louis Park Police Officer Chaunte Lee Ford was arrested after a drunken driving crash.

It’s beer and self-loathing in Minnesota.
A St. Louis Park police officer was arrested and charged with DWI after crashing into a parked car and trying to drive off on Aug. 5.
As officers approached her, Chaunte Lee Ford launched into a drunken anti-police rant.

“F--- the police! I f---ing hate cops and I hate that I’m a cop!” the 27-year-old officer yelled, according to the criminal complaint. “All you guys do is harass black people!”

At about 11:15 p.m., an off-duty cop spotted Ford with her banged-up car after the crash, crawling into the driver’s seat.
She identified herself as an officer, and yelled “I f---ed up” multiple times and began to cry.
At one point, she pulled down her pants and began urinating on the ground, police said.
Ford clocked in at a blood alcohol content level of .20%, twice the legal limit.

Police said Ford began yelling at officers when they asked if she needed an ambulance.

“F--- you. I don’t need an ambulance. F--- that and f--- you,” she yelled.
She had been an officer with the St. Louis Park police department for six years, first as a community service officer and moving up into a sworn position for more than three years, Jacqueline Larson, a communications manager with the city told the Daily News.
She’s since been placed on administrative leave.

“The St. Louis Park Police Department and the City of St. Louis Park expect the highest standards of conduct from our employees, and these charges are troubling,” the city said in a statement.
Ford has been charged with drunken driving and obstructing justice, and is expected back in court on Aug. 30. She faces up to two years in prison and $9,000 in fines, if convicted.
According to court records, Ford has been busted before on traffic violations, most recently on June 12, when she was found guilty of driving without using a seatbelt.
In May 2014 and Oct. 2009, she was also found guilty for speeding, court records showed.

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