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Police officer charged with domestic violence scheduled to be in court Aug. 25 (Get this pig fired. Show up at his hearing, speak to the DA and testify)

By Angie Haflich The Telegram

Omar A. Mora

A SPECIAL NOTE: From Underground Newz. Okay boyz and gurls, if any of you live in Garden City or there-abouts and have been slapped around by this dirt bag, now is the time to go to court and testify. Get this pig fired. Show up at his hearing, speak to the DA and testify.

By Angie Haflich The Telegram

A case management conference has been scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Aug. 25 for a Garden City police officer facing a domestic battery charge.

Omar A. Mora, 37, was arrested at 3:30 a.m. June 20 on an allegation of domestic battery after police responded to a report of a domestic violence incident involving him and a woman in the parking lot of a strip mall in the 2300 block of East Kansas Avenue.

According to police, the woman sustained minor injuries and did not require medical treatment.
The investigation was turned over to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which is standard procedure when an officer is involved in any kind of criminal investigation.

The court case is being turned over to the Scott County Attorney’s office, to avoid any conflict of interest involving the Finney County Attorney’s office.

KBI Special Agent Bruce Miller is investigating the case and was not available for comment Wednesday.

Mora was placed on administrative leave shortly after his arrest, and the Garden City Police Department is conducting an internal investigation. According to police, domestic violence is a violation of the GCPD’s standards of conduct.

In a June 24 phone interview, Garden City police Capt. Randy Ralston said Mora had no record of domestic violence prior to the incident and said anyone who has been convicted of a domestic violence crime would not be eligible to become a police officer because under Kansas law, such offenders are not allowed to carry or possess a firearm.

Mora, a senior master patrol officer, has been with the GCPD since 2002. He will remain on administrative leave until the criminal and internal investigations are concluded.

Mora was released June 20 on a $5,000 bond. His first appearance in court was July 28 in the courtroom at the Law Enforcement Center, 304 N. Ninth St.

Mora has retained attorney Lucille Douglas of Garden City.

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