Ralph Nader Was A Republican Operative

By Christopher R Rice

In the land of junkies and thieves came to be another puppet regime. They faked a fixed and rigged election. Many protested the deception, but were soon silenced will jails and violence.

The so called free press that had long ago been bought out by multi-national conglomerates was silent. All protest was met with violence. And so the illusion was complete, if the media didn't report it, than maybe it never really happened.

All that was left was for King George the second to pay back all those who had put him in power. And so the energy wars began, crush California with your friends from Enron, get the governor fired, rob the poor, give to the rich, attack the middle east, he who control the oil rules the whole world.

Give away the public lands, put them in a billionaires hands, drill for oil, charge whatever you can, reap the spoil. The rich profit from work they do not do, while you an' me are gettin' screwed, but don't complain it's nothing new.

The robber barons know campaign contributions bring the highest return and a doped up populace will never learn. The goon squads and their spin doctors were working overtime. They knew their work was morally indefensible, but reasoned that protecting death and destruction was their only crime.

There were many with hearts willing to give up their lives for what they knew was right, but they were soon found out and the good of mankind was silenced with jails and violence.

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