Update: Police officer arrested for domestic violence pleads not guilty

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EDITORS NOTE: I just ran a story where a police dispatcher was fired for being caught in a prostitution sting. (A transaction usually between two consenting adults). And yet according to the story below an officer arrested for domestic violence (one adult getting violent with a spouse and or defenseless child) is on paid leave, code for paid vacation. Cops will continue to beat us and their own wives and children as long as the DA continues it's Kangaroo courts every time a cop is charged / arrested. If they did the crime let them do the time. No more special treatment. One form of justice for the super rich, another for politicians, cops and Wall Street bankers and prison for everyone else. American justice is another lie. A few bad apples my ass. Related article: Yukon police dispatcher arrested during prostitution sting

Ruben Ramirez, a Guadalupe police officer, was arrested July 11 for felony domestic violence.

A veteran Guadalupe police officer arrested last month for felony domestic violence has pleaded not guilty.

Patrol Officer Ruben Ramirez entered the plea Friday in a Santa Maria courtroom.

The District Attorney's Office says, at the arraignment, Judge Patricia Kelly issued a criminal protective order against Ruben's oldest daughter and the alleged victim, his spouse. 

That order, however, can be modified pursuant to a family law court order, according to the DA's Office. 

Guadalupe Police Chief Gary Hoving told KSBY after Ramirez's arrest that Ramirez would be placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of an internal affairs investigation, which Hoving says is standard procedure.

Sheriff's officials say Ramirez posted $25,000 bail the Monday after his arrest and was no longer in custody.

He is due back in court Aug. 30.

Original story: Guadalupe police officer arrested for domestic violence

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