We can make the current system, the abusive system obsolete

We can make the current system, the abusive system obsolete
By Christopher R Rice

It has occurred to me, that my readers, are in an abusive relationship, with their own government. Actually I've been reporting on that abuse for years. So actually, what has occurred to me is that my readers don't really need me to report on their abusive relationship any more.  

What I need to do is show you that there is another way, a better way. Then we can make the current system, the abusive system obsolete.

So lets start with police brutality and how to end it forever. Then I'll show you how easy it would be for us to fix the rest of our problems but you have to do something for me.

If after you have read this article you happen to agree with most or all of what I've wrote I need you to redistribute this article, at the very least. Simply click the social media buttons at the bottom of this article. And if you agree completely than help me make this a reality by donating, volunteering and organizing.

Okay, first police brutality. Police brutality and the use of excessive force, including police beatings, unjustified shootings and the use of dangerous restraint techniques to subdue suspects are as American as apple pie. Nothing is being done to monitor or check persistent abusers, or to ensure that police tactics in certain common situations minimize the risk of unnecessary force and injury.

What we all want is to return to the Adam-12 style of community policing right? Even though Adam-12 was a television show that is the type or style of policing that we are after. That is simple.

Todays "black and white" police officers would simply be replaced with a new "community police force". The current police would not be fired or terminated but they would no longer patrol our city streets.

They would become "back-up" for the "community police force". Now, what is a "community police force"? (CPF) And more importantly, why it would not be replacing one abusive force for another.   

First the "community police force" or CPF would be recruited from the community. The very people that grew up in that neighborhood and know it like the back of their hands. They would be voted in like city council members by district.

Second the CPF would not be armed. Which is why the current police force would be retained as back-up. Many times a parent or a concerned citizen calls 911 but an armed jack booted thug who's main concern is to get home alive is not required.

What is required is someone who can diffuse a situation, solve a problem. But our current police are not equipped or trained to deal with out-of-control teens or drunken crazy people. Our current police force is trained to arrest. And to diffuse situations of any kind by using the greater or greatest amount of violence. That is not what a community needs 9 times out of 10.

Besides recruiting from the local communities to build a CPF, I also propose making it a mandatory requirement as part of any college psychology courses. Kind of like studying doctors that work at community hospitals. 

These Community Police Officers 'CPO' should be given special powers since they will not be armed. Special powers to get a street light fixed, a sewer drained, a pot hole fixed, a crossing guard where one is needed.

A community police officer would do foot patrols and help residents deal with their slum lords. So if something needs to be fixed, the CPO can call out a plumber or roofer and deduct the amount for repairs from the rent if the landlord has refused to do the repairs.

This is America and there is no reason why someone should be paying rent and have to keep pots and pans around their house due to a leaky roof their land lord refuses to fix.

Having this CPF foot patrol in our communities from our communities would put a huge dent in crime and arrest rates.

Give the CPO the special powers to help the people, to "protect and serve" their communities. So if there is a crazy person, the community police officer (CPO)can get them the help that they need. Regardless whether that is medications or housing or food or whatever. Then we can have safe, livable communities where you want to raise your children.  

And our county jails won't be one big mental ward.

Children will be able to go to a park and not fear gangs or pedophiles. Why? Because they are protected by foot patrol CPF that is drawn from the communities that they serve.  

That's not utopian. That's what our fore fathers fought and died for. A free country / society. Free of crime. Free of violence. And it's worth fighting for again.

Besides recruiting, training and maintaining a CPF, it is mandatory that our current police force receive additional training and be equipped with body cameras.

Next is mandatory sentencing for police brutality. The only way to stop police brutality is to prosecute every illegal act to the fullest. If you are a dirty cop you will be tried and not by your local DA and judge, who only present juries with a Kangaroo court. You will tried by a special prosecutor and given the maximum sentence possible.

Those three things, 1.) a community police force that is not armed and is elected from the community by the community 2.) training and body cameras for our current police and 3.) special prosecutors and mandatory sentencing for any substantiated police brutality would end the problem once and for all. And return our communities back to the people.

You may be asking what our current police officers are suppose to do all day, if they are not patrolling our communities or answering 911 calls. I think that they should assist the detectives, and here's why...

More than 1.4 million murders, rapes, robberies and assaults are committed around the United States every year, or a violent crime every 22 seconds, the FBI says.

A murder every 25 minutes, a theft every four seconds and every 109 seconds, another person experiences sexual assault. Only 6 out of every 1,000 rapists will end up in prison.

Before a "community police officer" can patrol they will need to be trained in: CPR, suicide prevention, drug rehabilitation, self defense and how to diffuse domestic disputes and deal with the mentally ill. They will be equipped with a uniform, a badge, handcuffs, a ticket book, a first-aid kit, a two-way radio and mace.

Next is education.

The American education system is deplorable. But I'm not here to rub salt into your wounds. We've all been through the American public education system and we all know that it is out dated and over priced.

But again there is a very simple fix. And this is where we come to what is standing in the way of fixing these problems when it is so easy.  

First let's look at our public education system. And show you how easy it would be to fix if that's what our government really wanted to do. Did you know that Germany, Canada, Japan and a host of other industrialized countries pay half of what we pay per student and their students are better educated? 

There are a lot of simple solutions to our current system but unfortunately our own government is our biggest hurdle to fixing anything. And I don't mean one administration or the other. For the past 35 plus years our government has slowly but steadily been bought off. A kind of economic coup d'état, if you will.
For more: How the CIA Overthrew the United States of America.

So just finding solutions is not enough. We must be able to implement them. That's where you come in. The first and the easiest thing that you can do is to distribute this article.

We can continue impotently complaining or we can put actions to our words. And stop waiting for some elected official to make things better.

You have two choices:

Choice #1) Keep doing things there way: In 2006 we voted out the republican congress to end the war, and yet, instead we got a surge. We dutifully called our Senators during the first bailouts in opposition 100 to 1, and yet, instead we got even more bailouts for automakers.

Keep doing things there way and we've allowed our country to be taken from us, for the benefit of the few and the total decimation of the vast many.


Choice #2) A free country. Free of crime. Free of violence.

If you completely agree than help me make this a reality by donating, volunteering and organizing.

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