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Wife Beating Police Officer Apoligizes -To Get his Job Back: But Only Apologizes to fellow officers not to his bloody wife

By Jonathan M. Alexander News&Observer

A police officer charged with domestic violence last month has been fired, a spokesperson for the Garner Police Department said.

Silvestre Mendoza, 26, was fired on July 21, after an internal investigation concluded he violated a Town of Garner policy and two department directives, amid allegations he assaulted two women.

One of the women who alleged the assault was his wife, while the other was his sister-in-law.

According to his termination letter, the Town policy he violated was “Detrimental Personal Conduct.” The department policy he violated stated that “Officers are to conduct their private and professional lives in a manner becoming the office they hold.”

Mendoza’s court hearing was Monday. He said said he was sentenced to supervised probation and ordered to take domestic violence classes. If he completes the classes and doesn’t get in any trouble, the charges would be dismissed from his record, he said.

The arrest warrant claimed Mendoza assaulted Casey Mary Agnes Mendoza by “biting her in the middle of the right side of her back leaving bite marks.”

Reached by telephone Monday afternoon, Silvestre Mendoza was contrite and said he owned up to his part in the situation. Mendoza said he hated that his situation put negative attention on the police department and apologized.

“They truly are some amazing men and women who protect that city and they don’t deserve that light,” Mendoza said. “I’ll continue to try to restore what I can restore.”

He said he hoped to serve the community again one day after he rights his wrongs.

“That’s one thing, I loved helping people,” Mendoza said. “Maybe I invested too much of my time into it. It’s a learning experience. I’m only human. Humans make mistakes but we also have choices when we make them.”

Mendoza was a patrol officer for the Garner Police Department. He was hired March 21. As a result of his arrest last month, Mendoza was placed on administrative leave while the Garner Police Department conducted an internal investigation.

EDITORS NOTE: A big thank you to all Underground readers that showed up at this punks court hearing and for those who wrote the judge on the victims behalf. Lets keep this pond scum off the public doll. Make him get a real job.

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