Yukon police dispatcher arrested during prostitution sting


A Yukon police dispatcher was arrested Tuesday in a prostitution sting.

The Oklahoma City Vice Unit made the bust around 5 p.m. at a southwest Oklahoma City hotel on S. Meridian near I-40.

"They respond to complaints from the public,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police. “That's how most of these stings work. They set up at a hotel room."

Tuesday night’s sting resulted in five arrests.

One of those taken into custody was Ali Razavi, 34.

He works for the Yukon Police Department.

Detectives said he offered to pay $80 for sexual contact.

Yukon’s Police Chief, John Corn, sent the following statement to NewsChannel 4:
“We are disappointed to learn that one of our dispatchers from the Yukon Police Department, Ali Razavi, has been arrested by the Oklahoma City Police Department. We are collecting the arrest report and booking information from Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County. Once that information is obtained, we will take the appropriate personnel actions.”
Razavi did not return our request for comment, but his attorney sent us the following statement shortly after:
"Although I have just been retained and therefore am unable to fully comment on the evidence, it appears that this situation was a misunderstanding. It should also be noted that Mr. Razavi is innocent until proven guilty, and we look forward to clearing his name at the appropriate time."
He is hoping to clear his client’s name of a crime that is taken seriously by Oklahoma City police.

"It's something that, regardless of how many arrests we make, we're going to continue to see it happen. So, what we have to do is just respond to it the best way we can, because it is tied to other crimes," Knight said.


Razavi used to work as a dispatcher for Bethany police.

The former city manager told us he resigned then started working for Yukon.

Razavi is facing a misdemeanor charge of offering to engage in an act of prostitution.

Since Razavi's arrest, the Yukon Police Department has announced it has "separated employment" with the dispatcher.

EDITORS NOTE: I am so confused by this story. I've been reporting on confirmed spousal and child abuse perpetrated by police officers who have received promotions after repeated conformed domestic abuse reports. And yet if two consenting adults are caught making whoopee, it's an offense you can be terminated for. Wow, Becky, only in Amerika. 

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