Death to America

By Christopher R Rice

Hi, my mom raised me that if you don't have something nice to say about someone that you shouldn't say anything at all. It seems some people grew up without a mom or something went wrong.

When I grew up, I went to church where we studied the Bible that teaches not to gossip about each other. Not to spread lies and speak falsehoods against one another. But it seems that some Christians must've missed that lesson.
I've moved on. I have a life that is happy and fulfilling. I do not go around talking about other people behind their backs. I have better things to do. Some people are so pathetic that the only way that they ever feel good about themselves is to put other people down. I guess their lives are so boring and meaningless that they have nothing better to do.
Some people never grow up and they blame everything wrong in their lives on someone else. They accept no responsibility for anything. For those people, let me just say, I take full responsibility for whatever is wrong in your life. Just do me one little favor and keep my name out of your mouth. I don't talk shit about you, don't talk about me, 'k. Hope we understand each other because I don't repeat myself. You will only hear this once, next time, I won't be so nice.

My momma didn't raise any dummies or door mats either.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, I started a new series called: "Just a few bad apples." You can find it at the bottom of each one of my articles. Every day that I come into the office, I open my computer and there it is. Day after day, week after week, another government servant caught breaking the law. One day it's guards raping prisoners, another day it's a child molested by a cop or domestic violence. I add the new articles to my series, below. Did you know that police officers rate of domestic violence is four times the national average?

I'm sick of seeing this stuff every day. I'm sick from having to report on it. But what really makes me ill is my readers. The people who come here to steal my knowledge and my labor, read the same reports that I do and either do nothing about it or call me a liar.

You can continue to blame a few bad apples. But anyone with half a brain will remember these are the same people who blamed all the torture going on in Iraq on poor Lynndie England or as we were told "just a few bad apples" and sent her to prison. When in fact, the truth was that Bush and Cheney ordered the torture and it was not just a few bad apples, this whole cart is rotten. America is corrupt to its very core. America is the Great Satan. And the proof just keeps piling up or should I say the dead bodies keep piling up. And dead men don't lie.

Everything America has ever told us has been a goddamn lie. Obama says America doesn't torture, what a laugh. Didn't Bush tell us the same exact lie? Obama's idea of "change" was to maintain the status quo, didn't he promote everyone from the Bush administration from Petraeus on down?

Isn't Obama the same guy that promised to get us out of Afghanistan and Gitmo? I don't believe one word that any American or Christian says, it's all lies.

Look, I don't have time for this. I'm homeless and trying to wake up the masses who obviously could care less. They send their children to inferior schools, live in drug infested, crime ridden neighborhoods, to work all day to be in debt. As if no one remembers the 1950s and the promises of more leisure time with all of the technological advances, coming. But in the 1950s only one parent needed to work. And they had more disposable income and more free time than we do today.

Still no one complains. I'm tired of wasting my time on people and I just can't afford to do it any more.

Just to be told that you don't believe me because I'm on a free blog. What a laugh. My sources if you bothered to check, have included four star US generals, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the Justice Department, the FBI, on and on.  

But don't believe me or anyone else. Because I'm not on some pretty website or because I spell newz with a 'z', or for whatever, I don't care any more, congrats.

Of course, another complaint I hear is when I copy and paste someone else's article. But I don't recall you complaining when articles that I wrote were republished elsewhere. I also don't recall anyone complaining when my bank protest was stolen, republished at the Huffington Post and the writer went on the Daily Show and never mentioned stealing his idea from my website. Or when I sent an article idea to the Post and they weren't happy with my editing so they gave the article to one of their writers and put it in their paper and I didn't receive a mention.

Every single Christian that I have ever met has been full of shit. Remember Bill Cosby lecturing rappers on their misogynist lyrics. What a hoot. I was raised a Catholic and lectured on how I couldn't get into heaven because of the length of my hair or the music I listened to or because of my life style choices and all the while they were raping little boyz. Americans suck, big time.

And what do they always say? "If you don't like it here then get out" right? Suppose you worked, scrimped and saved to go to this super expensive restaurant that's been hyped in the media, ads everywhere, a line out the door to get in. After waiting for hours you are finally served, instead of what you ordered they bring you a can of spam then bill your credit card for steak and lobster. And when you complain, they tell you "if you don't like it, get out."  

Hum, I have another idea. How about this, how about, I'm going to burn this restaurant down to the ground. And lock the doors from the outside.
We already know what happens to anyone with the courage to complain. Like when quarterback Kaepernick didn't stand for the anthem. You don't want to offend the military. After all they are such a bunch of fine upstanding rapist and torturers. Ask any teenage girl from Okinawa or the Philippines. Or just ask any Iraqi.

When did the US military ever protect me? Or my rights? Every time anyone ever tries to exercise their rights, they send an army of pigs to intimidate us, mace us in the face, tell you to disperse or get canisters of chemical warfare fired at you. And don't forget about the water cannon. What's Americas real track record? Four dead in Ohio. Fuck America.  

Yep, I've never met a finer bunch of alcoholics and dead beat dads than I have in our US military men and woman. What's their slogan? "A baby in every port, left behind by another sailor."

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