Update: Okla. police officer accused of being naked, drunk at lake

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EDMOND, Okla. – An Edmond police officer is on paid administrative leave after a charge of  outraging public decency was filed against him.

On July 23, police say Colter Morey openly outraged public decency by taking off his swimsuit at Lake Arcadia, allegedly exposing himself and boarding another man’s boat uninvited.

According to court records, witnesses reported that Morey and a girl on the boat were attempting to switch bathing suit bottoms.

At some point, Morey reportedly told the man, “I am Edmond PD, I can do what I want,” the police report states.

The man told police that the nudity wasn’t a big deal to him, but what bothered him is that Morey stepped onto his boat uninvited and even allegedly took pictures of the man’s boat numbers.

Other witnesses at the scene verified the man’s account of what happened.

Another witness told investigators that she believed Morey “was very intoxicated and being an idiot drunk.”

When Morey was interviewed about the incident, he reportedly told officers that he did get onto the man’s boat to turn down his music, but that he was never naked.

He also admitted to taking pictures of the man’s boat numbers because “they were antagonizing us.”

Morey was charged with the crime on Sept. 27, but he has not been arrested at this time.

Edmond police spokesperson Jenny Wagnon told NewsChannel 4 that Morey surrendered his gun and badge on Tuesday.

He will be on paid leave pending the outcome of the criminal case.

He is being charged with outraging public decency, a misdemeanor in Oklahoma.

Morey has been with the Edmond Police Department since 2011.

UPDATE: Witnesses said Morey was wearing only a "Make America Great Again" hat and caused problems on someone's boat. Other witnesses told investigators that Morey made it well known that he was a police officer.

Morey denies both claims.

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