Pres. Barack Obama has condoned TORTURE

By Christopher R Rice
The Pentagon admits to 34 deaths caused by torture, we have counted over 100.

The Senate passed S. Amdt. 1157 to H.R. 2346 a bill that provides supplementary military spending for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Amendment 1157, entitled the Censorship of Photographs of Future Torture Amendment, creates a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act. With this loophole, the Secretary of Defense is granted the power to conceal photographs of any torture of prisoners whether those photographs were taken in the past, or will be taken in the future.

Fact: this amendment was approved unanimously.

This legislation marks the end of the Democrats' claim of opposition to torture.

Why pass an amendment to "conceal torture" if we don't torture? Bush LIED, Obama LIES too.

Pres. Barack Obama has condoned TORTURE
President Barack Obama says he will:

keep in place the secret rendition program Bush used to torture detainees;

keep the government spying on citizens;

deploy nuclear carriers with enough firepower to annihilate any country in the region;

send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan;

refuse to investigate and prosecute the war and torture crimes of the Bush regime.

The Uniform Code of Military justice prohibits U.S. Armed Forces from engaging in cruelty, oppression or maltreatment of prisoners, assaulting prisoners and communicating a threat to wrongfully injure a detainee.

Prisoners are held in isolation and secrecy (and hooded) locked into a system of punishment before any evidence of guilt is established. These techniques, born in the gulag, only elicit false confessions, not actionable intelligence.

What's worse than a TERRORIST?


Tyranny of the people does NOT happen violently or suddenly. Tyranny is gradual and silent. President Obama says America does NOT torture. THIS IS A LIE, same lie Bush told us. We were told that Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were only used on 3 high level terrorist. We were told that the worst was WATERBOARDING. These are all lies designed to protect the GUILTY. We were told that the prisoner abuse in Iraq was an aberration, not systematic. THIS IS A LIE.

Tyranny is the complete absence of limits of government.

As things stand now Pres. Obama and every President thereafter has the authority to deem anyone whether they are a U.S. citizen or not A TERRORIST.

And to kidnap, detain without charges, deny bail, trial, legal reps and TORTURE anyone.

It does us NO good to write to our Representatives in Washington. Voting ensures the continuation of one corrupt party or the other. We've thrown out the whole top tier of government, But the crooks & thugs are still there. Still in power, as brutal as ever!!

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