Update: Prison Strike Sparks 400 point Stock slide on Friday and Dow Plunges another 238 points today

By Christopher R Rice

A prison strike to 'end slavery', was started 09/09/2016. Reported by the Underground here. The stock market reaction was swift and drastic dropping 399 points on the first day of the strike, as investors feared the worse.

On Friday afternoon during a huge sell off it was not easy to find an investor willing to talk.

One investor who agreed to give a comment but only anonymously told the Underground that "the word on the street is that this could spread rather quickly and then what?"

This reporter was confused by his statement and so I pressed him for details. The investor went on to explain that "if prisoners who are in custody can find ways to strike, what if the average man gets tired of sub standard public schools, a run away drug epidemic or a crime level that prevents him from guaranteeing his own families safety in their own neighborhoods, schools and parks and starts to make demands? Or god forbid, goes on strike?"

"If inmates can band together to achieve this result. You can only imagine the effect if everyone banded together and supported a national strike. Stay home from work, don't buy a single thing in a day, then move on to a week. That would produce more immediate attention and results than 100 useless protests."

This investor went on to say that "This is the bigger picture. On a direct level what if investors actually have to pay a fair days wages, for a fair days work? How will CEOs and investment bankers be able to afford the 50 foot yacht he's had his eye on all year long, to replace his old one?"

Hold up a second, are you telling me that American businesses want to bring back slavery? "Hell yes, we do! Why else would we close up American manufacturers just to reopen in Mexico or Thailand where workers have no rights, we can pay them whatever the hell we want and pollute with no one to complain. And if the locals raise a fuss we send in the goon squads paid for by American tax dollars and people get tortured and disappear. While investment bankers laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts."

"But this strike threatens all of that. I had to talk another investor friend off the ledge today."

Wait, what? A friend of yours was going to jump to his death over this? "Yep." But the medias been reporting that the stock market drop was due to the possibility that the FED might raise interest rates? "That's just hyperbole. Everyone already knew that the FED couldn't keep giving us loans at zero interest rates forever. And besides, even if they raise the interest rate, they are only talking about a half a percentage point. Sure that adds up to millions and millions of dollars but not the kind of losses we'd experience if we lose prison slave labor. I don't think that people realize just how hard we work these prisoners. Or how much labor you can get from 16 hour shifts from hundreds of thousands of prisoners."

"Although some states allow prisoners to get paid for their labor, the pay is often less than a dollar per hour, and sometimes absolutely nothing. Half of those wages, in federal institutions at least, are withheld for room and board, victim’s programs and family support. Whatever remains goes toward buying the necessary commissary items for making life in prison tolerable. Essentials like toilet paper, deodorant, menstrual products and laundry detergent can each cost multiple days’ wages.

Meanwhile, America’s prisons constitute a multi-billion dollar industry. UNICOR, also known as the Federal Prison Industries, reported net sales from inmate-made products and services of $472 million in 2015, and this is only for federal institutions. Federal and state prisons combined are estimated to produce at least $2 billion in goods and services."

"And we have plans to lock up a lot more Americans after the elections so this strike really couldn't come at a worse time."

Unfortunately this reporter never got to thank this investor for his time and insights. We did the interview while he was walking to his next meeting and at the end of his last statement he apologized for being out of time and then said goodbye. So if you happen to be reading this- Thanks Mr. Bloomberg.

UPDATE: As the prison strike began to grow and spread across the country, several other protest were taking place too. Chelsea Manning began a hunger strike in prison on 09/10/2016. And Colin Kaepernick was alone in his early 'National Anthem" protests, but has now been joined by players from around the league.

When I spoke with Mr. Bloomberg again on Tuesday, he sounded rather frantic. I asked him about todays sell-off. Bloomberg said that with the prison strike spreading around the country investors were nervous. Because with the holiday season just around the corner, the possibility of this strike becoming a major issue for retailers if it is joined by the general population sent shock waves through Wall Street according to Mr. Bloomberg.

Bloomberg told Underground Newz that he expects the Dow Jones to drop another thousand points in the next couple of days as the strike picks up momentum.   

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