RE: The 'Kumbaya' Approach Does Not, and Will Not Work. Ever.

Welcome to the Underground. Below is an article wrote by Carole Moore from, in its entirety. Below her article you will find my commentary.

By Carole Moore

Back when I was a criminal investigator, my partner and I drew a terrible stabbing in a large and sprawling apartment complex. We found witnesses willing to testify: a woman and her children who also lived in the complex. The suspect was a recently released prisoner who had done hard time for a series of similar assaults and hadn’t received a single day off his sentence for good behavior. He was mean. He liked to hurt people. Knives were his weapons of choice.

We found the guy, who didn’t even bother to deny that he’d attacked the victim and nearly killed him, and took him to the magistrate for a felony warrant charging, in essence, attempted murder. Magistrates in my state were the ones who wrote felony warrants and, at the time, were allowed to set the preliminary bond. The magistrate we drew was known for setting low bonds. Despite our begging for a high bond, he refused. We were worried about our witnesses and went back to tell them that they should stay somewhere else, just to be safe.

And that is when we found out that the woman was the magistrate’s daughter.  

We returned to the magistrate and told him our witnesses were his daughter and grandchildren and he nearly had a stroke, but although he tried, under state law he couldn’t change the ridiculously low bond he’d set. We had to wait for a judge to do it at the defendant’s first appearance in court, which was a good 36 hours away since it was the weekend. 

Fortunately, the defendant didn’t make bond—he was a scary dude and I’m sure much more at home behind bars than free in society—and during his first appearance, the judge saw our logic and increased the man’s bond substantially. Our suspect eventually ended up heading back to prison, where he belonged. The moral to this story? Some people must have skin in the game in order to “get it.” 

Neither bias nor political correctness have any place in enforcing the law. The job of the police is to protect and serve. This mission has not changed since Sir Robert Peel’s days. But many integral tools of modern policing have been cast aside because some are so worried about perception and hurting feelings that we have abandoned common sense and preemptive policing in favor of a softer, prettier approach. I’ve got news for those who think police can protect the innocent by hugging criminals: It doesn’t work that way.

And now, with crime rising because society’s been brainwashed into thinking that a Kumbaya approach to law enforcement’s just the ticket, we need to make everyone out there realize that we all have skin in this game. 

Police want to commit to their primary mission of protecting and serving, but selfishly, we’d also like to go home at night, so yeah, there’s that. Taking away valuable tools like profiling and the use of surplus military gear only makes our jurisdictions more vulnerable and creates the probability of more death and destruction. 

The truth can’t be found in a group hug moment. The truth is in how safe our communities are and can continue to be. Making them so requires us to all admit to one commonality—we all have skin in this game. Like the magistrate’s daughter, every officer’s family. Like the magistrate’s daughter, every member of the community’s family. And family looks after one another. 

Let’s start acting like that matters.

EDITORS NOTE: If this sounds like Dick Cheney telling you that torture was necessary to save American lives, it is. It's the same script. Blame crime on liberal attitudes. Hum, let's examine her statement carefully. And what this writer is really trying to sell you. First, she wants us to believe that some great strides were made when she says:

"I’ve got news for those who think police can protect the innocent by hugging criminals: It doesn’t work that way.

And now, with crime rising because society’s been brainwashed into thinking that a Kumbaya approach to law enforcement’s just the ticket..."

But who ever said anything about hugging criminals? As far as I can remember the only complaint is about police killing unarmed civilians who are complying with police officers commands. But I guess in her book, not killing complying defenseless citizens must amount to hugging criminals, huh?

To be fair, her only complaint seems to be.. "Taking away valuable tools like profiling and the use of surplus military gear.." Again, asking police officers to only stop actual criminals and not every black guy they see doesn't amount to hugging criminals. Nor does taking away tanks and armored vehicles.

Using the writers own story about a knife attack how would racial profiling or military grade equipment have helped? Was the witness black? Did she want to take a tank to a knife fight? It sounds like the guy surrendered peacefully, what more does she want? This guy should of never been let back into society. Racial profiling and tanks would not have prevented this crime or helped anyone in any way. Our politicians have failed us, we are not safe in our own communities.

Torture does not work. Racial profiling does not work. Before this so called liberal 'Kumbaya' Approach... More than 1.4 million murders, rapes, robberies and assaults are committed around the United States every year, or a violent crime every 22 seconds, the FBI says.

Those stats are from when police used racial profiling and had military grade equipment. It's not working. Now let's get to the real issue, her approach, Dick Cheney's approach is BDSM and how's that working? The guy with the knife got out. But our current jail / prison system has no rehabilitation / "no hugging criminals."

So America only punishes (BDSM) and the consequences are more than evident. Without rehabilitation prisoners get out worse than they went in. And since they have to be released eventually, her approach makes us less safe.

This "we're hugging criminals" is so far from reality. How about the study just published by the Justice Dept. that says half of all rapes committed in US prisons are committed by the guards. More "hugging" I suppose. What kind of sick twisted individuals run this country. American prisons look like Iraqi torture seven days a week and they have "brainwashed" the public that rape and torture is some how "hugging criminals."

How about the strike just started by prisoners to end slavery in US prisons, is slavery hugging? I guess. Nah, b*tch, it's only the 'Kumbaya' Approach that does work. You're way only makes things worse. You are a liar or an idiot. And your article is only meant to brainwash, not once did you ask your readers to think for themselves.

But you're not an idiot. It's all about the money, huh? If the guy with the knife received rehabilitation and proper supervision, there may not of been a stabbing and then you'd be out of work. And you wouldn't have much of a story either, would you?

"The job of the police is to protect and serve." And we the people are still waiting for one or the other. But since you don't protect or serve, why not change it to "we rape and torture" at least be honest.

Or try this one.. "We protect no one and write reports after the fact." or better yet "We do a horrible, unprofessional job and blame the public for our inadequacies."

And for the record lady you are talking out of your ass when you say.. "Kumbaya approach to law enforcement will never work." Since it's never been tried, how would you know? Police have been raping and killing us civilians for as long as I can remember. So I guess she is just making sh*t up, huh?

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