Rioting is NOT Enough

By Christopher R Rice

Have you ever noticed that the police don't stop rioters? You can steal all the beer and televisions you want and no one will care. Yeah if video tape shows up you might get arrested weeks after the fact. But we've all noticed that the police are sent out and then they just stand around right? They don't try to stop the rioters.

Now why do you suppose that is? I know the official story, but the truth is, who cares? So you get some beer, a television, maybe some guns if you hit a pawn shop or sporting goods store. Which accomplishing nothing.

We have to start seizing buildings, but we also have to know when to run. The Bundy's seized a federal building in Oregon but didn't know what to do with it or when to move on.

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The idea is to first seize the building. Second, as the Bundy's attempted to do, release any important pertinent information and third if possible operate the machinery you seized. We need to take over government buildings, courts, jails, water treatment plants, electrical grids, news stations, banks, nuclear power plants, train stations, airports, schools, hospitals and run them.

Show the people that there is a better way. They do not need to rely on this corrupt system for their basic needs. And that by ending corporate greed, they can work less and make more. And that by taxing the corporations we can balance the budget and not live in debt. 

If you lose the support of the locals or when you are outnumbered and outgunned by government forces, it is time to escape. Have multiple escape routes ready. Security should be tight and relentless.

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This is where everyone errors. They attempt to hold onto whatever they seize regardless the strategic advantage or lack thereof or the cost to life.

Say if at the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 the protesters had given up the square and fanned out. It would be a lot harder for government forces to crack down on a hundred protest in a hundred cities than to crack down on one protest in one location. Know when to run.

Guerilla tactics involve 'hit-n-run'. Know when to run!

The only way to achieve real and sustained change is to bring it ourselves. The only way to achieve that is to take over the machines. As long as a corrupt system controls all of the cards our protesting will be fruitless and dangerous.

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