The Great American Scam

By Christopher R Rice, Underground Newz

What is a scam? A scam is when I sell you a lottery ticket where your chance of winning is so miniscule that you have better odds of becoming the next president of the United States of America. You can't lose if you don't play.

A good scam keeps the sucker or the mark coming back spending his money on absolutely nothing and keeps him/her smiling about it.

People are more than happy to give up their hard earned dollars for a chance, no matter how small to be rich.

America is like the lottery. One big stupid scam. And we the suckers.

America paints itself as "the land of the free" right? As a progressive nation, right?  But compared to other industrialized countries, not some third world hell hole and America looks about as Progressive as our allies in Saudi Arabia. No really, think long and hard for one second. America is very conservative, fanatically conservative.

Extremely militaristic.

America's been in how many wars in the last 50 years? While Russia has been in one or two in that same period. And according to Jimmy Carters Defense Secretary, we provoked one if not both of Russia's aggressions. And the other industrialized nations have only been in wars that America pulled them into.

From the Christian fundamentalist right to the KKK, Americas real history is of extreme conservatism. Even the left has been pulled to the right. And the Right has been pulled to open fascism. Going so far as to have a current presidential candidate openly discussing torturing suspected terrorist families. While the former Vice President has been all over the news bragging about committing war crimes.

That is not a progressive nation.

That is obviously a very backwards nation.

A nation of hillbillies, racist, sexist, homophobic, redneck BDSM freaks.

That is what America really is. And if you need more proof, think about this, America is the only country in the world not using the metric system. Every other nation teaches their children multiple languages. Americans have yet to master the English language.

The truth is that America is a backward nation full of backwards people.

The American people are as dumb as bricks but what is worse is that they are boot lickers and ass kissers too.

I mean who could be so stupid to attack Iraq, the wrong country and instead of saying oops, Americas leader says: "Mission Accomplished." How dumb Americans must be to get scammed out of 40 Billion dollars by Cheney and Halliburton. What, the troops can't peel their own potatoes any more? What a scam.

And Americans just bent over and grabbed their ankles and took it at the pump. They didn't even want any Vaseline.

Exxon Valdez took all of our money and used it to buy Congress, then got a big fat tax break and even a tax rebate check.

And Americans just kept right on smiling, watching as their savings, their 401ks, and pensions shrunk or just disappeared.

That's a scam.

We all grew up believing in this progressive, sure we made some mistakes in the past but we fixed them all bologna. Come to find out America's not progressive at all.

America, Saudi Arabia and China are the few countries that still execute their own citizens. Think about that and most Americans that I know support the death penalty, don't they?

That's some freackin' progress, huh?

How many innocent people have to die before they realize?

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