This is going to sound crazy: Put up or Shut up

By Christopher R Rice
Special thanks to Lolita

This is going to sound crazy. But we only have a couple of months to know if I'm right or if I'm wrong.

If I'm right I need you to come back in two months and do something for me.

I think that no matter what I do, that Donald Trump will be our next prez. And that he will usher in open fascism.

But please do not take this as support for Hillary Clinton. She's a corporate whore and everybody knows it. I'm also not anti-Trump. I'm just anti-fascism.

How anyone could vote for either one of these two ass clowns is beyond me.

Open fascism does not allow critics. I've been all over the net exposing corrupt politicians and dirty cops. And while everyone else is getting arrested for criticizing the pigs I'm still here.

But when open fascism comes it won't tolerate any critics. Which brings us to a turning point.

I'm not going to be able to stay here and do this. The Underground will have to go underground.

For over 35 years now I've been writing about how the American government is corrupt. How there's been an economic Coup d'état in this country.

I obviously do not view Donald Trump as a solution to that problem. Whenever big business weds with the government you have fascism. I'm afraid that you have no idea what you are in for.

I didn't start writing to hear myself piss and moan.

I started writing to raise an army. The strategies that we used in the past are all worthless. The enemy has adapted and yet everyone still employs the old strategies that don't work.

If you don't know the problems that we face I've wrote about them here, here and here.

As well as created new strategies to get us out of this mess here, here and here.

I'm not going to keep writing about corrupt politicians and dirty cops. Either you understand that the problem is institutionalized, is an epidemic and not just a few band apples now or you never will.

And either you want to do something about it or you don't

If you are only waiting for someone to lead you out of this mess then I'm willing to stand up to these psychopaths.

But if what you want is to elect some bozo to wave his / her magic wand and deliver change or make everything great again, it ain't going to happen.

As I've already said the old ways / strategies won't work.

Either you get involved or just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye now.

Because its not just open fascism that we have to worry about. America has already started WWIII, for those of you who haven't noticed. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. We are on the titanic and we are running out of options.

I myself have run out of time.

So you have a couple of choices. You can figure this guyz crazy and forget about all of this and just go back to whatever it was you were doing. Or you can give me a freaking hand here as I am unable to get this done all on my own anymore.

Either you're going to help me or you're not. I have neither the time nor the patience. I've given you the who, the how and the why. If you're interested click the links. I've got sources from US four star generals to every independent watchdog group out there to back up every single one of my claims. I don't lie because I don't have to. Our government is bad enough. I can't even keep up with them. When I get into the office each morning they've committed so many crimes I have to pick and choose which ones I'm going to report on or I'd be in the office 24/7. It's just disgusting.

Now what I need you to do. No WAIT. I've got to tell you about some friends of mine first. So that you can understand.

Back in the 1920's there was a great depression. Everyone was out of work. No one had anyway to pay their rent or utilities or even buy food. People lined up looking for work. People would literally do anything for a job. But there wasn't any work, anywhere.

Then one day the landlord would show up with the sheriff. And he'd tell you "look you haven't paid rent in six months. I've got a court order. You've got to go". And you'd say something like "But I've got no money and nowhere to go". And then the sheriff  would chime-in "Too bad buddy we're here to put you out". And with that the landlord and sheriff would barge past you and into your home. Then both men would take a quick look around and then grab your couch and haul it outside. Next would be the coffee table and so on and so on.

When your neighbors came out and saw what was going on, do you know what they did?

They picked up the couch and moved it back into your house. And then the coffee table and so on and so on. And of course the sheriff would grumble "Hey what do you people think you're doing? Get out of here". But your neighbors just ignored the sheriff and kept moving your stuff back into your house.

The sheriff and the landlord would then grab your couch and drag it back outside. But as soon as they went back for the coffee table your neighbors grabbed your couch and hauled it back inside. This went on all day long until the sheriff got tired and in one big huff told the landlord that he was done and had to get back to the office. Of course the landlord would kick and scream and complain the tenant had yet to be evicted. At which the sheriff would shrug and go back to the station.  

The next story takes place in the 1930's when Hitler came to power. Several countries avoided being invaded by signing over their countries. Like signing over the pink slip to your car.

America promised Poland that if they stood up to Hitler and Germany that we'd have their backs The Poles weren't going to just roll over like everybody else anyways. But America never kept her promise to the Polish people. The reinforcements they were expecting never arrived. And thousands of Poles died.

One Polish guy stole an ambulance. He already knew from Hitler's speeches and actions what was coming for the Jews. So without GPS, without faxes or cell phones he drove from one Jewish home to another and loaded that ambulance until it was full. Then he turned on the sirens because the Nazis just killed thousands of Poles and they weren't stopping ambulances to look at the carnage. So he drove that ambulance through check points. And drove the Jews all the way to safety in Switzerland.

I had another friend who was Turkish and he told me about the genocide committed there and how they escaped at night. They loaded everything they owned onto a horse and buggy in the middle of the night. My friend said he was about six years old at the time and fighting and gunfire and explosions were happening all around him. So in the dead of night they escaped.

But as they were driving the horse and buggy he said the roads felt tore up like explosions had caused craters in the roads. As the sun began to come up he looked back down the road and it was littered with hundreds of dead bodies. The bumps in the road were not craters but dead people.

What we have coming is much worse. And I don't see how any of you are even remotely prepared for what is coming.

But as revolutionaries, we do not need to win over all of society. The first American revolution was only supported by a third of the population. Another third favored British rule. While the remaining third couldn't care either way and supported whoever was winning at the time.

I think we already have more than 33% support. But we face a greater challenge because our enemy isn't across the ocean and won't have to suffer expenses just to get to us. So it is imperative that we flip the military, LE, politicians or we won't succeed.

As I've already stated my time is short. So if this all sounds crazy to you than you're off the hook at least until November. Until Trump wins the election.

If you DO agree or if in two months I'm right, here's what I need you to do:

1.) I want to see this article at the top of my stats everyday. That does not mean that you can just post this to your Facebook or Twitter page and be done. Every organization list their employees email addresses. Just type in any city, colleges, police depts., fire stations, and send this link to every email address that you can find.

Copy and print this article with the URL and distribute at concerts, churches sporting events etc.

2.) We / you need to organize in your own towns and cities. Hold meetings, form committees, get organized.

3.) Donate to this site. A little money in the right direction can go along way. And evil can not survive in the light.

If I don't see this article at the top of my stats than I will know that you are not ready and I'll be going underground. Thank you for your time and good luck.

Summary: It really doesn't matter who wins in November, our government is no longer "of the people, for the people, by the people" and neither candidate plans to return our rights to us. Our rights were not won because some Congressmen or woman wrote them down in a law. Our rights were won by struggle. And we can only regain our rights and our country through struggle. Only by blood, sweat and tears. If you want to be a soldier, I'm here to raise an army. Welcome to the Underground.

Just a few bad apples:

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LE officers are fully n completely above the law when it comes to domestic violence 29% got promotions

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FBI Agent Arrested On UA Campus masturbating in woman's bathroom

Justice Dept. Half of Sexual Abuse Claims in American Prisons Involve Guards, Study Says

Pentagon: Hundreds of military kids sexually abused annually

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After Dallas Shootings, Police Arrest People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook and Twitter

Man arrested for writing 'kill that pig' about police officer on Facebook

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