WikiLeaks: Trumps Tax Returns Disclosed

By Christopher R Rice Special thanks to Randall Lane

Tax returns for 2015 show that out of over 500 businesses owned by the Republican nominee, all of them are heavily leveraged or deep in debt. Donald J. Trump's net worth is actually only about $750 million in US dollars (versus the $2.7 billion FORBES estimated and the $10 billion Trump fancied).

When reached for comment, Trump said: “Underground Newz is doing everything they can, possibly, to make me look as bad as possible.” (You can fact check that, it's all true.)

The richest man ever to run for President oversees a skeletal operation, based on gut instincts and free media. “I literally have spent $54,000 on my campaign,” says Trump. “Other people spent $20 million, $25 million.”

Then Trump said he could sell his stake in Trump Tower for $2 billion or $2.5 billion or $3 billion. When an extra $1 billion is created that easily (much less the difference compared with our appraisal for the building of $530 million), it’s easy to see how he conjures $10 billion.

“I think you’re trying to make me as poor as possible,” says Trump, whose campaign filings claim that this year alone his worth has risen from $8.7 billion ($3.3 billion of that from brand goodwill) to more than $10 billion. Over the course of our interview, he raises that to “much more than 10 billion” and says that another “respected magazine that’s coming out” is going with $11.5 billion.

“You’re gonna look bad,” he adds.

And at the end of our interview he asks if I have a headline in mind for the story. I tell him, truthfully, that I don’t. Then I ask him what he would suggest. The populist who wants to be President, with the billionaire’s bank account, barely pauses to think: “The King.”

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