American Democracy- It's Rigged

By Christopher R Rice

Trump can only consider himself to be the "victim of a rigged system." Far be it for him to man up and admit reality: he - The Donald - the man he adores more than anyone else in the universe - is that which he fears the most: a loser.

He has already lost the electoral vote, and he knows this. So, he is already contesting the election, and will try to bring his followers out in the street to invalidate the results on November 9th. Will he appeal to some of his sympathetic military advisers to have the armed forces stand with him? Nothing is off the table with this guy. He is as dangerous of a character that we have ever seen in our modern politics.

Here's the bigger issue. Hillary and friends want everyone to ignore the disgusting content of her emails, and the evidence that the system is in fact rigged, because it came from her emails, why? Because Russia hacked them... Russia didn't write them, they just released them for all to see.

At the same time, Hilary wants to attack her opponent by violating privacy, confidentiality agreements, and NDA's in order to "leak" well placed pieces of propaganda hoping the average America, of limited intelligence, is easily manipulated by such material. She is literally running a campaign based off of a scenario in which both parties do the same things, but hers gets a free pass while simultaneously vilifying the other guy for it.  

Today on the radio I just heard a "we can't trust Trump with national security" commercial run by Hillary's camp. And its like "is this woman stupid"? This is the same woman who gave us Benghazi, the same woman who takes donations to her "charity" from Middle Eastern governments, and the same woman who can't even handle her own emails, and she's talking about someone else being a national security threat?

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"I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate," Trump said. I say a mental health assessment is more appropriate at this juncture.

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