#BLM Leader to Clinton: ‘I Ain’t Voting’ – BLM Threatens to Hand Trump the Presidency

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A prominent Black Lives Matter leader has issued a stern warning to the Clinton campaign: “I ain’t voting until Black Lives Matter.”

In the wake of multiple police shootings of black men in the U.S, neither party, Democrat or Republican has stepped to the forefront and made Black Lives Matter a priority. In response, BLM Leader Hawk Newsome launched the new I AIN’T VOTING campaign that should send shivers down the spines of the spineless political class.

The campaign is designed to make Black people aware of the power of their vote, and calls for all Black people to withhold their votes from either party until Black Lives Matter.

Newsome, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement said in an interview with the BBC this week, “Black Americans have a chance right now collectively to say to the Democrats: ‘Hey, if you don’t give us criminal justice reform, we’ll give the country to Donald Trump.’ That’ll send the Democrats into a frenzy. Black lives will matter then, I guarantee you.”

The I AIN’T VOTING campaign continues to protest and spread awareness of their demands:

  • We seek better representation in state, local and national elections.
  • When corporations support a candidate they do it with demands. When Black people vote they do so with an expectation, and this must stop.
  • We seek criminal justice reform as a priority.
  • Fresh from protesting at the RNC this week, the “I Ain’t Voting” campaign will continue to engage in marching but plans to combine it with a national push to activate the disenfranchised.

  • For more information, contact:
    Hawk Newsome


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    About Hawk Newsome
    HAWK NEWSOME is an activist at the forefront of the New Civil Rights Movement and former County Committee Member of New York’s District 79. He has dedicated his adult life to the betterment of his community & our nation as a whole. The Bronx native was raised in a devout Christian household. As a youth, Hawk succumbed to the temptations of his environment and dropped out of high school.  With the love and support of his family, mentors and athletic ability he was able to push forward and obtain a GED and Bachelor’s of Science.

    After graduating from Concordia College, Hawk worked for the Honorable Robert T. Johnson at the Bronx County Office of the District Attorney, as a paralegal assisting Assistant District Attorney’s to prosecute crime. Hawk was then promoted to the position of Special Projects Coordinator. As the DA’s liaison to the community, he worked with N.Y.C.H.A tenants associations and social service organizations throughout the Bronx. In his spare time he organized drives to send medical supplies to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

    Hawk joined Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP as a project manager overseeing efforts in the law firm’s 22 national and international offices. During this period, Walter founded the Bronx Sharks an athletic club that has sent numerous risk youths to college on scholarship. Walter went on to follow his childhood dream of attending law school. Hawk attended the prestigious Howard University Law School in Washington, DC. and completed his Jurist Doctorate at Touro Law School in Long Island, NY. After which he ran for City Council for the Bronx district where he grew up.

    Throughout his life Hawk has engaged in protests and activities to combat injustice. Over the past few years, he has worked tirelessly leading protests and seeking justice for the families of those slain by overzealous police officers. In 2014, Hawk joined the Justice League NYC and has engaged in their national campaign to fix the broken criminal justice system. Hawk’s parents actually met at a civil rights rally in the 1960’s, so you can say that he was born into this fight. Hawk is the single parent to his thirteen-year-old autistic son, whom he loves dearly. Hawk loves his family, he loves his people, and he has pledged his life to bringing justice to this unjust system.

    Hawk Newsome


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