EXCLUSIVE: Pro-US hacker 'The Jester' takes aim at nations helping Snowden


The self-described patriot hacker known as “The Jester” says he’ll carry out cyber attacks on countries considering granting asylum to Edward Snowden.

Beginning early Monday, The Jester hacked into several government websites in Ecuador as reports circulated that Snowden, who divulged secrets on the National Security Agency’s spying programs, could be headed there. With Venezuela emerging as a possible landing spot for Snowden, The Jester told FoxNews.com he could turn his attention to that South American country.

“These are enemies and that's how I will be treating them, and anyone who facilitates them,” The Jester told FoxNews.com in an online interview.

Read more-  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/07/02/pro-us-hacker-jester-takes-aim-at-nations-helping-snowden.html

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