How I Beat Google

By Christopher R Rice

Hello. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. I created because the law is lawless. But Google quickly took it offline. It is now back online. 

What is CopsRCorrupt? On the 'About' page you can read about Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad that helped black slaves flee American slavery, the Polish resistance to Nazi Germany, the history of the Underground Press and a brief history of AIM, the American Indian Movement that fought against genocide in America.

In 'An Underground Education' is how to download college textbooks for free. There's also video documentation of restraints used on students in public schools. Restraints that often led to the death of the students being restrained, for their own protection.

There's also, Why America Really dropped Two Atomic Bombs, How Congress IS profiting from continuous war. A brief list of America's war criminals, confessions from the Wrongfully Convicted, How Much the USA really owes, and how Americas prison / jail system is cruel and unusual punishment.

And how, according to the Innocence Project: 46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit.

Some people have told me that they believe that I am biased because my URL is But that's just not so. I'm biased because those that We the People have been paying to "Protect and Serve" have been raping and torturing. I'm biased because my government, my politicians, my teachers and my religious leaders have all lied to me. That is why I'm biased. Because the facts just don't support the myth of "just a few bad apples". The torture in Iraq was NOT ordered by Lynndie England but by Dick Cheney, George Bush, Rumsfeld, and yet only England went to jail. Because 1.) the law is lawless and 2.) the rich have one set of rules, while the poor get shot like dogs in the street.

So I created  To help you beat the Gestapo, oops I mean the police. So the next article is How to Beat any drug test for free. This article is here to help perfectly nice, hardworking people get around a system that is unfair, because if an employer can’t tell from your performance that you’ve been high, then private habits should have zero relevance to your employability. The next article explains why it is more important to drug test Congress and our politicians than the guy who pumps your gas. There's also How long will this drug stay in my System? and how drug testing targets the poor and minorities.

There's a page Street Racing Stings. The police have even killed citizens for just driving too fast. And also, how to soup up your ride.

There's also, How to Tattoo, body mod, piercings and more. With lots of clubs and links.

On my Snitches page, I tell you How to Spot a Snitch, How to Tell if Someone's Lying, How to Spot an Informant, why you Should Never under any circumstances Talk to the Police. There's also pictures and locations of real snitches. And 25 Methods of Disinformation.

The Underground (what I call is currently supporting Edward Snowden for President. The choice between "the lesser of two evils" does not constitute a democracy or a functioning Republic. It's more like duplicity than democracy. And as we clearly show in Elections VS Voters the system isn't broken, as we we've been told, simply in need of repair, the system is rigged.

There are currently 1.6 million homeless children living in the United States. This number is growing daily, here's some things about homeless children that you may not know.

Next I wrote How to Beat any Prostitution sting because the police should not be harassing consenting adults. There's an article on the Right Way to Protect Sex Workers, how the War on Sex Workers is the new war on drugs. Also, What's Wrong with Sex Stings. And, How to Legalize Prostitution and regulate it. So that pimps can be removed, girls will get tested and to take underage girls out of the business. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

In the Adult section there's Escorts that have been verified and have reviews. So clients don't need to fear a police sting. All girls featured here are over 18 and have state ID on file. They also work independent, meaning no pimps. There's also free Sex Parties in your area. For the home bodies there's Free Porn. And articles on Famous Perverts, Virgins and Nymphos, the Psychology of Sex, and a Topless Protest. Pictures and locations of Streetwlakers, and the Dos and Don'ts to picking up streetwalkers. Something for LGBT and BDSM, all 50 shades.

There's even more Free Stuff, from free websites, to studios, television shows, computer repair and more, for free.

There's more than a dozen articles on the CIA from their torture programs to their guns and drug running, to creating fanatical terrorist.

On my drug page I show you step-by-step how to make, use, grow any drug at home. From crack cocaine to meth, Sherm and everything in between. Because I Love Drugs.

There's also a section on Racism. And how good Christians treat each other in the Land of the Free. There's about ten articles posted there so far. When I could, I wrote the articles myself. But if during my research I found something had already been wrote and there was nothing for me to add, I included the original article instead of finishing my own. Next article is "Black Jesus". I didn't invent that term, I learned it from the FBI. There's a list of authors that wrote best sellers while in prison and How to Donate cell phones to Prison Inmates.

Next is An Everyday Mans Guide on How to Encrypt. A how to encrypt all of your digital transmissions from email to IM. Also How to HackA short guide to hacking.

American citizens tortured on American soil by the US government is exposed on my Solitary Confinement page. As the UN has clearly shown, anything over three days in solitary causes psychological torture. And yet the US has citizens in solitary confinement for decades, for minor infractions against prison policies.

So when Bush or Obama or any American claims that America does not torture they are a liar, America tortures its own citizens on American soil.

I also cover religion and health on Rastafarism.

There's 10 Things Every Whistleblower should know before they blow the whistle.

And pictures and locations of Lowriders.

The Hidden Dangers of Facebook and how to protect yourself.

The next section covers LE, How to Make Money and how to Revo-fuckin-lution. Step-by-step.

I'm not going to list all of the pages for you here but we do show you How to Beat Stingray, How to Detect Police even undercover officers, How to Beat CPS, How to File a Complaint against LE, some of Americas Dumbest Cops, Dumpster Diving, How to Beat Police Dogs and much more. As well as How to Beat any Court case.

This site is still under construction but I had over 120 thousands hits last month. I just wanted to thank Google for confiscating and deleting all of my other free blogs and for censoring this one to the point that I had to pay for a website to host this content.

On every page of my new website it says: "Don't want your information monitored online, don't Google. Google alternatives: StartPage / DuckDuckGo with their links.

I will continue to show everybody just how easy it is to beat your crooked system and how to live free as the good Lord intended. Because America is a joke. Your laws are a joke and only designed to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.

I know, you may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday that you will join us and the world will live as one. Much love -C

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