Know Your Enemy

By Christopher R Rice

Hi, I use to post my own articles at Reddit. It was the only way to get them read because if you check my stats or when Google releases the top searches you would know that no one is searching political titles. Hence, they never get read.
Check it out for yourself. Next time you read a really good political piece, scroll down to the bottom of the page and if they have a visible counter, I bet most of the numbers are zeros. Now go up to Youtube, type in anything that interest you, politically and look at the number of hits it has received and how long it's been up. Now look at any other video, music, comedy, whatever, just some teen girl shaking her butt to the latest hit and I'll bet you that all of those got more hits and have been up a lot less time than the political video.

So, Reddit was sending me traffic. Two thousand to ninety thousand hits a day. But they were worthless hits. I don't get paid for hits or for traffic. And I didn't become a writer to make money. After, I dunn'o how many years on Blogger and Reddit, I haven't seen one person stand up with me and say "HEY". So, who needs the traffic? So I cut them off.. I wrote an offense piece about Reddit and then I posted it all over Reddit. And low and behold they did exactly what I wanted. My URL is now banned on Reddit.

So I'm down to just a small handful of followers and at least one FBI officer reading my blog.  

To the FBI officer: check my bank acct., it's empty. I'm not working with the Russians like some presidential candidate that I won't name.

I have no money, no home and only a small handful of people reading my blog. I have two felonies so you know that I don't own any firearms, because that would be illegal. If a rapist wants to rape me and my wife I should just call 911 and wait an hour for them to arrive and when they get here they'll shoot the wrong guy. But hey, that's only fair because I once shoplifted over $900., over 35 years ago. Not only don't I have any firearms but I've only advocated for non violence. So you see there's really no need to keep reading. You can go back to eating your doughnuts and surfing the net for porn.

Well, now that we got rid of the dead weight, we can begin. Welcome and thank you for joining me. I want to speak now in a very easy language that everyone can understand.

Our real enemy is not in the White House. Our real enemy does not wear a police uniform. Our real enemy is not some politician. Are you familiar with the term 'enabler'? Our real enemy is an enabler.

If you are like me you have been spitting out knowledge ever since you were born. On top of what you and I have done there have been countless others before us, but tell me this... A citizen only has one duty, that is to be informed and vigilant right? Yet, all of our fellow citizens are willing to vote in this upcoming election. Look at the choices, with everything that you know, the thought of either of these two getting into the White House must give you nightmares. Right? And yet on election day there will be lines of traitors voting in one of these crooks or criminals.

They must not be informed or vigilant. Which means they are in dereliction of their only duty. They are traitors. They will be lined up like ducks at a shooting gallery on election day. There is our real enemy. The enablers. The ones that give these crooks and criminals all of their power. And they are doing great damage to this country and to the whole world. They are not innocent. They have no excuse for their own stupidity. How long have we been spitting out knowledge? Working night and day for nothing. Working seven days a week, for nothing. The real enemy is my fellow Americans who have allowed their government to be bought out, who got up and went to the mall while the dead bodies keep piling up.

And on election night, you will know exactly where to find them. They'll be the ones with the red, white and blue sticker that says: "I voted".

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