the New Republican Revolution

By Christopher R Rice

It's comical and pathetic to see all the conservatives losing their minds.

After Romney and McCain lost conservatives had these big meetings on what they need to do to win and how the republican party needed to change.

Really, the only problem is that the globalist corporatist Republicans completely ignored their base following the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections. If the Republicans had simply run out a mainstream politician that was against illegal immigration - that person would be the nominee and not Trump.

But no, 16 candidates and all but Trump were weasels on illegal immigration/open borders. So here we are. It is really as simple as that.

Eight years ago, when a young unknown Senator beat the great Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination it became apparent that what would be needed eight years later to beat Hillary, the apparent Democratic nominee, would be an 'outsider', the 'anti-establishment' candidate. And what would possibly be more 'anti-establishment' than to be shunned by your own party?

Enter the Donald.

Hatred for Hillary on the far right would be enough to get the anti-votes. But what would really fire up the base more than promising to deport 11 million illegals? While your at it hit all of the voters buttons and promise to overturn Roe v. Wade to get the Christian right vote. You get to fire up the base while simultaneously giving your fellow Republicans reason to shun you, furthering the 'anti-establishment' myth.

Can I prove that it's a myth? Hum, want some proof? How about this, Republicans refuse to seat Obamas pick for the Supreme court right? But they also all agree that if Hillary wins in November she will nominate someone they like even less than Obamas pick, right? At the same time all of the so called liberal press is predicting a Hillary win in November, right? Than why don't the Republicans go with Obamas pick? Could it be because this election has already been decided? Maybe they know something that we don't. Reality is not real. The fix is in.

They promise you the stars and the moon and you fall for it every time. A word to the wise, if someone was really going to give you the stars and the moon or wave their magic wand and change everything they wouldn't tell you to bend over and grab your ankles first. Think about it. An Ivy league education that only the rich can afford makes wage slaves out of everyone else. Because you're too uneducated to see how much you've been screwed over and too dumb to know what to do about it. That's America.

The new republican revolution is nothing but a scam. Supporting McCain and Romney didn't get them elected. So they are running the anti-candidate, the Donald. And on January 20th they will crown him Caesar. Then we get watch the liberals lose their minds.

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